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Importance of Good Oral Health and Cosmetic Procedures That Improve It

Taking care of your mouth – gums and teeth does much more than ensuring you have a white, bright, pearly smile. Good oral health and body health go hand in hand, and it’s oftentimes said that “healthy mouth, healthy you”, and there’s ton of scientific evidence to support that claim. Gum disease and decayed teeth

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Top Beauty Salon Treatments To Help You Turn Back The Clock

Women no longer have to worry about parting with their beautiful younger selves. Thanks to the advances in skin care technology, the effects of ageing, environmental factors, genetics and leading an unhealthy lifestyle can be reversed. Let me be clear, I’m not talking about going under the knife or anything dangerous like that. Today, there

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The Power of Winter Accessories: Kick Your Everyday Outfits Up a Notch

The chilly weather and the change of seasons means it’s time to make some changes in your wardrobe. Aside from putting away your strappy sandals and floral dresses and pulling out your cosy sweater, there are many other things you can incorporate in your daily outfits to truly enjoy this autumn in style. And while

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There’s a New Man in Town: How I Shed Quickly 40 Pounds

I’ve always been on the chubby side, even since I was a kid. As I kept growing, I was just putting on more and more weight, and most importantly, I wasn’t doing anything about it. When high school came around, I was living off junk foods, soda and energy drinks. I would lock myself in

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Aromatherapy 101: How to Choose and Use Essential Oils

essential oil

Aromatherapy is one of the most sought-after forms of complementary therapy. It uses therapeutic grade oils from named botanical species, which are known to cause a positive effect on the body. One of the reasons it has become so popular in the past few years is due to its holistic approach to treating emotional, mental

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For the Love of Handbags: These Styles are My Prayer Flags

hand bags

Ah handbags… I feel like all women worldwide react the same way around the topic: all craziness that goes in our female heads instantly stops when the word gets mentioned and we start starring at one point, popping our ears in the attempt to hear where do they have ladies handbags for sale. It’s like

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Activewear Is Not Overrated: It Boosts Your Performance and Gives You Support

Dear fitness geeks and those of you who need just a little push to set off for a healthier, leaner self – newsflash: activewear is undergoing a serious revolution – one that will help you set higher goals and exceed them. Yes, having rock solid motivation is the key to endure and ultimately succeed in

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