August 04, 2022 / by Emma Jones

For every new or seasoned tennis player, it is of vital importance to select the finest tennis racket for you. So, allow me to help inspire you to find the best racket from the top leading tennis manufacturers, whether you’re looking for a beginner model or one to give you the perfect blend of power, spin, and control.

About the Brand: Volks

Volkl is an innovative racket firm that manufactures high-quality rackets. They truly have something for everyone, with a huge range to select from, so the key is finding the correct one for you.

Volkl’s strong emphasis on comfortable arm-friendly rackets is one of their strong points. It is laudable that the company has continued to push innovative technology to lessen vibrations and make tennis gentler on the body.

As high-performance Volkl tennis racquets are very popular and you may see them being used by many players in professional matches.

Racket Evaluation:

volkl tennis racquets

Volkl’s V-Cell Racket

These rackets are the most comfortable in the company’s lineup according to players’ reviews. Volkl’s use of V-Cell technology allows them to make the Volkl tennis racquets line one of the most versatile in terms of specifications, allowing beginners to advanced players to benefit from the comfort and silky feel. Volkl has lengthened the V-Cell 4 and increased the head size to ensure power and flexibility remain a priority.

Volkl V-Feel Racket

The Volkl V-Feel 1 is the largest and most powerful racket in this range. Because of its 115 square head size, it is incredibly sturdy and has a big sweet spot.

The Power Arm of this racket is a ground-breaking design that is independent from the rest of the frame. It rests alone between the top of the racket’s throat and the bottom of the frame, allowing for more movement between the strings and improved shock absorption. This allows the racket to be a tremendous powerhouse while still preserving its famed comfort.

Volkl V-Feel 3 Racket

V-Feel Volkl tennis racquets have long been noted for their power and comfort, making them ideal for players who prefer to let their racket do the heavy lifting while they focus on placement and technique. The V-Feel 3 takes this to the next level, making it the ideal companion for the astute gamer trying to outwit their adversary in flair.

The V-Feel 3 incorporates several soothing technologies, including EVA, V-Cell, Catapult-Effect, and silicon polymers. These factors work together to reduce racket vibrations, increase handle dampening, and provide up to 30% more power even when the ball is not struck in the centre of the string bed.

About the Brand: Prince

prince tennis racquet

Prince Global Sports, LLC is an Atlanta-based American athletic product manufacturing company. Prince, founded in 1970, manufactures rackets, footwear, apparel, tennis balls, pickleball paddles, stringing equipment, headgear, and bags. Prince is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tennis rackets.

Racket Evaluation:


Textreme, the signature technology used by Prince in its rackets, is also featured on the Tour tennis rackets. Textreme technology employs carbon fibres with a high strength-to-weight ratio. This helps the player gain a lot of power and control.

The Textreme Tour rackets have a superb combination of all the qualities you might want, including good power, spin, control, feel, and comfort. As a result, Textreme Tours is appealing to a wide range of players. The Tour rackets, like all of Princes’ models, are available in a variety of weights, head sizes, and string patterns.


We sometimes grumble about tennis racket names being a little monotonous, but not with Prince.

The Phantom rackets’ narrow beams are great for players who value control and feel. These rackets are ideal for players who like to swing through the ball quickly while maintaining a high level of control. They maximise control and have a silky smooth feel.


Another fantastic name! Who wouldn’t want a racket like this?

The Beast series is another category with a wide range of options. From lightweight rackets with large frames to heavy rackets with compact frames, the Beat series has something for everyone. These tennis rackets have good mobility as well as plenty of power and spin, making them a good alternative to rackets like the Yonex Ezone and Babolat Pure Aero.

About the Brand: Dunlop

dunlop tennis racquets

Dunlop’s path to tennis is an intriguing one. Back in 1888, John Boyd Dunlop created the pneumatic tyre for bicycles, and who knew it would lead to tennis? Because the materials were so similar, Dunlop entered the tennis ball business in 1923.

They began producing rackets in 1932, and during the next 50 years, they produced some of the world’s most recognised models. Rod Laver, Virginia Wade, and John McEnroe have won multiple titles with these rackets, making them icons of the day.

Dunlop’s name isn’t as well-known in the tennis world these days, but the company still produces high-quality rackets for players of all skill levels.

Racket Evaluation:


The CX rackets provide a great balance of traditional control and modern agility. This line includes rackets for advanced players as well as lower-level players that value control. A great range for those that enjoy attacking the ball.


These rackets are designed for current aggressive baseline players. Increase your MPH by ripping through your groundstrokes.


The SX rackets are designed for use with spin machines. If you like to get the most RPMs out of your ball, this is the range for you. These rackets are simple to use and have a lot of spin potential.