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piano keys

Is it your first time buying a piano keyboard? If you have just got yourself into music and want to learn how to play the piano, it’s only natural to not know where to start. There are lots of different keyboard variations and keyboard specifics to learn about to know what you’re getting yourself into.

April 08, 2024 / by Danny Mavis

Learning to play an instrument is a transformative journey that invites you to explore creativity, discipline, and emotional expression. And while most people usually go for a guitar or even a keyboard, others choose to be unique and opt for an instrument like the cello. While this alternative can be hard to master, it provides

March 12, 2024 / by Danny Mavis
EVH gear

No matter how cliché it may sound, Eddie Van Halen is a golden god to every aspiring musician who wants to take their playing guitar talents to the next level. Sure, Eddie’s style was novel and full of energy, and still amazes people decades later, but what’s a talented musician without the right gear? This

February 28, 2024 / by Danny Mavis
smart tvs

Nowadays, smart TVs offer a range of features and capabilities that enhance your home entertainment experience, such as access to streaming services, voice control, etc. However, with so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to find the right one for your living room. Keep reading to find out whether the classic 40-inch smart TV

January 24, 2023 / by Danny Mavis

Setting up your own audio system inside your home or small business is probably not all that too difficult. However, a lot of people still opt to have a professional audio installation performed for numerous different reasons and benefits. On the other hand, those who don’t even want to consider getting professional help, probably don’t

May 08, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

A couple of days ago, I came across the information that Fujifilm’s first medium format digital camera will be available for purchase in the US next month. The arrival of this camera has generated a lot of excitement among professional photographers, which got me wondering: What is it about medium format film and digital cameras

January 23, 2017 / by Emma Jones
Heavy Duty Case

You can almost spot a professional from miles away just by his equipment. That’s one of the big things that separates the professionals for the rest – the way they value and protect their instruments of choice. Whether they’re musicians, photographers or engineers it doesn’t really matter, they value what they have and realize that

November 21, 2016 / by Danny Mavis