August 27, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Choosing between a tub and a shower can be a tough decision. Homeowners get stuck on this question a lot when designing a new bathroom or remodelling an existing one. Both tubs and showers have their own advantages and cons, and the following factors can help you make the right decision.

The Amount of Space You Have

When buying bathroom products, first take into consideration how much available space you have.

For a small and already packed bathroom, a shower is obviously a better option. And to keep the space open, opt for one with a glass shower door instead of adding a curtain. For an aesthetically pleasing effect, choose a modern frameless shower.

In a very tiny bathroom, you can use a free corner to fit a compact corner enclosure shower. These showers are champions in saving space and allowing more freedom of movement in the bathroom. If your bathroom has poor ventilation, consider a doorless shower that will allow humidity to evaporate better.


The more space, the more freedom of choice you have when it comes to buying bath supplies that increase the functionality of your bathroom. That being said, if you’re lucky to have a large or medium-sized bathroom, you can totally splurge on a bathtub. Not only do bathtubs allow you to have a warm, relaxing bath whenever you like, but they also add value. A good bathtub unit, when installed correctly, should last for years. So, were you to sell your home in the future, the bathtub may even increase its resale value.

There are many bathtub designs to choose from. Consider how these designs will blend into your space. For instance, a popular option for bathrooms with a vintage or eclectic design is the clawfoot bathtub. example, with acrylic tub surface with a high gloss finish is not only nice-looking and smooth but also a great reflector of light.

The size and shape of the tub are also important to consider. You can choose a bigger size for a specious bathroom, or a compact corner model for a medium-sized space. In a sufficiently large space, you can choose any tub shape from asymmetrical to rectangular or oval. However an oval, asymmetrical, or polyangular bathtub can affect the freedom of movement, so it’s not recommended for standard bathrooms. In this case, go for a rectangular or square model.


How Long Do You Wash

If you have time and enjoy taking long relaxing baths, then you will be more likely to make use of your bathtub. Accompanied by romantic music, candles, and essential oils, your baths can turn into a real pleasure. Choose a deep-soaking model where you can enjoy your long weekend baths to the fullest.

On the other hand, if you prefer quick showers, then a bathtub will be underused and only take up space instead of providing functionality. Modern walk-in showers are designed to not only save space but also time, because of their easy access.


If energy-efficiency is important to you, choosing a shower over a bathtub is a smart step to reduce your water expenditure. A standard shower only uses two-thirds the amount of water it takes to fill up a standard bath.

Additionally, the more water you use for washing yourself, the more energy will be required to heat the water. That being said, reducing your water usage can also result in lower electricity bills. And considering how heating water can take up to 18% of a home’s total energy use, you can get significant savings.

However, remember that the amount of water used during a shower depends on the length of your shower. So, if you enjoy longer showers until the hot water runs out, you’ll probably save more with a tub.

Ease of Maintenance

Because they are used daily, bathroom fittings need to be cleaned often. Cleaning a walk-in shower is a simple task – you only need to clean the glass of the enclosure.

On the other hand, a deep tub needs a little bending over to scrub it out. Although, most modern bathtubs have a smooth and durable finish and polished feet that make them easier to clean than the old bathtubs.



Have in mind that a bathtub might cost you more than a shower. But, you might be able to save on installation if you choose a freestanding tub. Also, note that a customized tub model will most likely cost more than a prefabricated model. The same goes for showers. Prefabricated showers tend to cost much less than custom models because they can be mass-produced. Usually, pre-fabricated showers come in a single-piece design, making installation easier and cheaper.

In any case, you can compare the prices of these bath supplies Australia wide to find a more affordable deal. Of course, the exact costs can also depend on where you live. So, if you want to save more, focus your search on bathroom showrooms nearby or on stores that offer cheaper shipping.

Even though it’s more affordable to do it yourself, it’s much smarter to have a professional install your tub or shower, especially if you plan to include a glass shower door. Having experts to do the installation is highly recommended to avoid poorly set glass problems.


Shower-Tub Combo

If you can’t manage to make your mind up – you can go for a tub and shower combo. You can take your desired tub design and upgrade it with a shower screen and a showerhand without compromising on style. Shower screens can be installed on any standard bathtub and are available at most well-stocked bathroom shops.

By considering your space, needs, energy-efficiency and how much you’re willing to invest, hopefully, the right choice will be clear.