May 28, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

In the past, motorcycle covers were these cheap pieces of motorcycle accessories that those of us who did not have garage space, or at least a spot under the awning, used to buy them to cover their precious rides. Whenever I came home from work, I had to park my bike somewhere on the street, wait for it to cool down, then throw the cover over it to protect it from dirt accumulating on it and from the scorching sun rays. Every morning I prayed the cover did its job well the night before and that my ride was intact. More often than not, I was be disappointed by the outcome.

And since the world is constantly evolving in every aspect, luckily, today there is a great variety and you can freely choose the cover for motorcycle that suits best your specific needs and most of all – your budget. To help you out choose the best one there is, here are the three basic kinds of covers and their distinct features.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Covers

There are some companies that make heavy-duty outdoor covers that basically act as a garage for your bike – they provide protection from the scorching sun, are waterproof, and enable venting. As their name suggests, they are very heavy and come with lockable hems – which is a great safety feature. This cover for motorcycle is certainly among the best options available on the market as it protects your ride from thieves and the elements. The only thing you might consider a problem could be its weight, but eventually you will figure out that it is worthy for the amount of security it provides.

Mid-Grade Outdoor Covers

Being lightweight yet strong, flexible but also durable, the mid-grade cover for motorcycle provides the perfect balance of security and flexibility. However, in order to make the cover more lightweight, manufacturers also left out some of its safety qualities. This means that it is made out of thinner materials, but that’s not that big of an issue as it still provides an excellent level of protection.

Lightweight Outdoor Covers

These models of protective coves are the most lightweight type on the market. Their thin material makes them the perfect cover to take with you when travelling as they can be easily folded and packed. Nevertheless, it should go without saying that these models offer the least protection. They can be made from PVC, or you can find types that are made just for protection during the summer which have a reflective surface that prevents your motorcycle from heating up when exposed to the sun.