April 10, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

The akubra has been the favourite hat for so many Aussies since the mid 1800s. From drovers to ringers, bushmen to bush poets to stockmen and squatters. It’s a true Aussie made and Aussie used hat, and has become synonymous with the image of the outdoors-man. A true akubra is certainly not easy to make since there is a lot involved in that craftsmanship which deserves a lot of appreciation, but it is sure nice to wear and flaunt.

There are many styles to chose from, but some of the most frequently worn are the country style, western and summer style akubras. So, let’s go over those three and see what makes each one unique.

The country type is the one most people think of when they think of akubras. There are several different designs that make up the country type including, but not limited to: the Snowy River, the Catleman, the Coober Pedy and the Riveriana. All of them are perfect for working in the outdoors, come rain or come shine. They have a medium sized brim and a standard crown height. Many of these styles have ventilation eyelets as to keep you cool in the hot sun.

When it comes to the western design, one can freely say that there is a bit of a nod to our Yankee cowboy friends in that look. These hats are a bit taller and a bit more brash than the Aussie country style. If your looking to buy akubra online vendors provide all the classic types, the Rough Rider, the Bronco and the new favourite – the Mansfield High Country hat. These types are no less hard-wearing than the country style ones. They generally have a wider brim and usually all of them are fully lined inside.

And for my fellow hot heads, there’s the summer range. It’s important to mention that these aren’t made like your usual akubra, but from light and breathable materials instead. Rabbit felt is not used, but they are made with the same dedication to durability and toughness the akaubra has come to be known for. So if you want to get yourself one form the summer variety, akubra online stores have no shortage of this type either, as there is a great need for a lighter more breathable version for those scorching summer days.

Whichever you choose from the three most prominent akubra types, make sure you don’t forget to top your look with the confidence and cool posture it deserves.