July 11, 2016 / by Emma Jones

Dear fitness geeks and those of you who need just a little push to set off for a healthier, leaner self – newsflash: activewear is undergoing a serious revolution – one that will help you set higher goals and exceed them. Yes, having rock solid motivation is the key to endure and ultimately succeed in what you wish to achieve, however, there are a few smart ways to help you start your fitness journey more excited. One of my personal favourites – activewear. So, if it’s the lack of motivation that’s stopping you from getting out of your comfort zone and signing up for a gym membership, equipping yourself with all the basics for a fruitful training, is your one way ticket to a lifestyle you’ll be glad you switched to.


If you’re a newbie in this whole thing, entering a sports shop and facing the tremendous variety of clothing pieces can be quite overwhelming. For that reason, your best bet is to sit tight, browse the Internet, learn the basics when it comes to clothing, and just buy activewear online from the comfort of your home. No pressure. True, these pieces of equipment can be quite the clothing investment, but once you have them, you’ll love the magic they work on your body and mood. To help you buy activewear garments that will help get in your beast mode, we made a list of the must haves. Get ones for yourself and let’s get to work.

Sports Bra to Boost Self Confidence

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to realize that a bad sports bra (or wearing a regular bra for that matter) can make working out pretty uncomfortable. You may be grooving, moving and jumping during your workout, but your breasts should not suffer. So, in order to up the comfort level of your sessions and ban the bounce, choose a sports bra that will keep your breasts high and dry. These pieces of activewear are a crucial garment for women as they help maintain the breast’s shape in the long run. Exercising without the right chest support may cause you pain and stretched skin which will ultimately lead to saggy, droopy breasts. The higher the intensity of your workout, the more support you’ll need. Make sure to choose a sports bra that doesn’t cut into your skin and stays in place.

Leggings for Extra Motivation – Show off Your Curves

There is no greater satisfaction than passing by a mirror in the gym and seeing that hard work is starting to pay off. Gainz! Activewear can help increase your temperature during a warm up and reduce the force of impact, helping you get prepared faster for all that painful leg work that needs to be done. When wearing the proper activewear, working out is no sweat. Literally. So, the next time you feel like going to gym, throw away the worn out t-shirt and dirty rugged sweatpants and instead, wear your new activewear to show the curves you’ve been hiding all along.

The Right Sneakers to Keep You Moving

A new gym membership is the ideal excuse to buy yourself a new pair of sneakers. Not just ones that will match your workout outfit, but sneakers that will be comfortable for you to wear, as well as practical for the type of activity that you plan on doing. Therefore, if you plan on lifting weights, it’s important to have a flat and firm grip on the ground. This will ensure proper form and a safe grip which is especially important if you are lifting heavy weights. Furthermore, if clocking in miles on the treadmill is on your training schedule every time you hit the gym, do not hesitate to invest in running shoes. Choose ones that will offer you the support you need based on your preferred running technique.

Now that I got you in that mood of leading a healthier lifestyle and exercising for the sake of your well-being and good looks, stop overthinking and buy activewear to help yourself get the body you so desire in style. Time to step out of your comfort zone and make yourself proud!