June 19, 2023 / by Emma Jones

The hospitality industry greatly depends on professionalism and the professional image of all the staff for success, as much as it does on the quality and versatility of the menu, ingredients and recipes, and the design of the building be it a hotel, restaurant, or café for example. As such, there’s a lot of load weighing on making the right decision uniform-wise.

Out of all the essentials of clothing pieces fit for the hospitality industry, the apron is one of the most useful and most functional that has influence on the productivity equally as it does on the overall appearance of the employee. In addition to protecting the rest of the outfit ensemble from splashes and stains, be it other uniform essentials like business tops, or regular tees, it can offer the employee with a much-needed storage versatility too thanks to handy features like neat pockets.

Other ways aprons can prove to be of assistance is with adding a flair of stylishness to the rest of the work clothes. Available in a range of designs as much as colours, this gives you the chance to pick out the exact design and colour that best complement your business’ needs, from those that go well with the interior of the place to those that are fit for the specific sectors of the company (e.g. kitchen, serving). Despite the varieties, it’s the convenient adjustable neck apron that stands out from the rest.

Why Invest in This Kind of Apron?

adjustable neck apron

The Utmost Adjustability

Simply said, it’s the most cost-efficient option and the reason for this lies in the adjustability property. Since the design allows the employee to adjust the apron to their needs with the press snap detail, this means you don’t have to waste time to check and measure each of the staff to get their height and look for customised options that may be on the pricier side.

The Incomparable Fit

Easy to accommodate people of different heights, it’s fit for both men and women of all sizes. An additional feature that further enhances the wear is the particularly long belt that’s easy to use on different body types, and removable for tangle-free washing. As such, the adjustable neck apron is much better for coverage than the waist apron, and can even do well compared to the supportive cross-back design.

The Versatility

adjustable neck apron

Created with ease in mind, it’s not surprising that other industries have started adopting it as part of the uniform essentials, including those dealing with pet grooming, hairdressing, and gardening. This unisex creation is just as great as a universal gift option for any foodie and cooking enthusiast you know and have in your life as you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong fit.

The Comfort

adjustable neck apron

This is one of the main considerations for uniform pieces since it has to do with the well-being of the employees. The way an apron neck adjustable in design guarantees comfort is in the material that’s carefully chosen for the breathable and lightweight properties, so even with hours of wear, the employees would feel the comfort. Besides synthetics, and synthetic blends with cotton, canvas fabric is another great pick for its durability.

The Easy Care

Quick and easy maintenance of uniforms is equally important for a busy workplace where the staff tends to be around stains and splashes on a daily basis. The hard-wearing and durable materials are equally easy to care for and maintain without the fret of colour changes and fades, so you get reasons more for picking them for the busy kitchen and hospitality needs.

The Customisation

adjustable neck apron

The adjustable bib apron is just as easy to personalise too which is yet another benefit in its favour. This gives you plenty of freedom in terms of business marketing promotion as well as providing employees with the flexibility they need to add a little bit of their personality to the looks.

This can be achieved by including bits of embroidery and printing as part of the business marketing strategy, allowing you to boost the looks with your company’s logo, same way as it can be with the use of some accessories. The staff could enhance the seemingly simple apron with a pin to their own liking that’s according to the company’s rules and dress codes, or it can be done with a handkerchief or scarf to add a bit of interest and colour.

Of course, additional ways it can be implemented and versified is with the different clothes the staff can use underneath. From the range of tops, both long and short-sleeved, in different colours, to the variety of bottoms, and footwear, each industry of hospitality and each sector of the same company can add something of their own to the same apron of the same design. It’s all part of the charm!