January 12, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Whether you spend most of your day working from home, or in the office, whether you like going for hikes, running, or the only time you leave your house is to run essential errands, though often neglected, socks should be carefully chosen. Feet comfort may seem like something that’s not too important, but there are in fact many benefits we can get from it. And this small piece of clothing can play a huge part in it.

bamboo socks
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Feet Comfort Matters

Our feet support our entire weight, they feel the force of our body’s movements, they give us balance. And they need and deserve constant care. Though we all know that there isn’t a part of our bodies, no matter how small it is, that should be ignored, when it comes to feet, we often do. Many sacrifice their comfort for beauty, don’t provide them with the right support, don’t give them enough rest. Whether it’s because we have to, because of work, or simply because it slips our minds, it seems that most of us forget how much our feet work all the time.

And all of this foot discomfort is far more than just a nuisance. Most of us know how difficult it is to walk when your feet are in pain. It’s as though your entire body aches, it’s hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain. If your feet are cold, your entire body is cold. But, more importantly, constantly walking with discomfort has a negative impact on both your physical and your mental health. Our feet health affects our back, knees, hips, and our entire posture, and bad posture can cause many further health issues. But it also affects our mood, our focus, our efficiency.

Sock Material Matters

We protect our feet from the elements with two things – socks and shoes. While many people know how to choose the right footwear for them, recognising that good shoes offer support for their entire body, most never consider the importance of good socks. And, the truth is that good socks can make whatever you are doing much more pleasant and comfortable, and more importantly, they can be a big step towards healthy feet.

bamboo socks
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This is why it’s important when you are searching for socks online to you know what you are looking for. When we buy socks, most of us never give it too much thought, since it seems very straightforward. However, there is a reason why they come at so many different prices and it’s not just durability. Socks can be made from many different materials, with different properties, from natural, such as cotton, bamboo, wool etc., to synthetic, such as nylon, polypropylene, spandex etc.

Antibacterial Socks Help Your Entire Body

Socks should not only offer additional support for your foot, but they should also protect your skin from the shoe itself, as well as from bacteria, fungi, sweat etc., providing you with more comfort and ensuring your feet health. One type of socks that might provide you with all of this is antibacterial socks.

You might have heard about antibacterial socks, especially if you’ve been browsing for socks online, but what are they and do you really need them? Antibacterial socks can be a lifesaver for people that have had problems with feet odour, fungi, overly sweaty feet, cold feet etc., but they can be beneficial for anyone.

There is a range of different materials used to make socks that can help you keep germs out. However, many of those are treated in order to become antibacterial and some of the things used to treat the materials in order to give them antibacterial properties, are harmful to the environment, but also, they can be washed off of the fibres, leaving your skin unprotected once again.

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Benefits from Antibacterial Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks, on the other hand, are naturally antibacterial, in that bacteria don’t like leaving or growing in the fibres. This makes bamboo socks the safest option for anyone looking for antibacterial socks.


One of the most common problems people have when it comes to feet is smelly feet, and for some, it’s worse than for others. In fact, feet odour can be a very big obstacle for some people. It can be unpleasant, but also embarrassing, and sometimes even shoes can’t contain it. Though many think that sweating is the reason behind smelly feet, the real cause is in fact bacteria.


Apart from fighting odour, antibacterial bamboo socks protect the skin from irritation. This is because the fibre is very soft and non-allergenic. Furthermore, because bamboo fibres absorb moisture, they are great for people who have sweaty feet. This also means that people who have Athlete’s foot can benefit a lot from antibacterial socks since fungi thrive in damp conditions.


There are many things that help people keep their feet warm. And while wool, cashmere, or some other worm material, may work, for many people, they are not the right answer. This is because sweat can also be one of the culprits of cold feet. In this case, cotton or wool can make matters worse, since they will just stay damp, keeping your feet cold. So, if you suffer from cold sweaty feet, wearing socks that keep your feet dry, such as bamboo socks, may make a big difference.