August 04, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

With the introduction of new inventions to every industry, the trends and the way things are done tend to change quite often. This is the most common way that certain industries improve. When it comes to automation devices, changes usually lead to improvements in the manufacturing systems and machines. If you are looking to get into this industry or already are in it and are looking for ways to improve your manufacturing rates and efficiency, learning about automation devices online is one way to go.

The current trends for automation devices will prepare you for the better changes that might come your way in a day, a week or months in advance. In addition, we will go over a few of the most frequently used ones that are leading the industry today.

The front runner in automation devices are the DC powered devices. These offer bigger advantages than AC power and thus beat its cost and efficiency due to their high voltage transition capabilities. Many systems that were initially AC powered were eventually converted into DC powered systems.

Industrial robots are also a growing trend as they are able to perform a large variety of tasks. This is perfect for the demand that comes nowadays from manufacturing industries, minimalizing human errors and lowering human interaction with dangerous environments, preventing people from getting hurt. The robots provide increased production rates and quality products that always come with the same result, ensuring malfunctioning doesn’t happen.

Even though wireless is not a completely new trend, it still is a rather new trend in the industrial world. It gives automation devices online access and capabilities to find solutions that they previously weren’t able to. This trend allows for devices to use wireless data transmissions to system control from their sensors. All of this is doable thanks to the advancements in the internet technology and the cheap installation and low costs that we have access to nowadays, as well as low maintenance requirements thanks to the wireless being, well, wireless.

Virtualization and grid computing has improved since the PCs have become much more powerful. Virtualization has given us ways to use resources by running multiple operative systems on one PC. One of these applications that run on several server levels are database, I/O, SCADA onto less PC’s. This gives you the benefit of not having to possess more than one PC, which saves money and provides a very reliable working net.

After reading about all of these trends, maybe you as a business owner or as an employee, can inform your supervisor about the benefits of incorporating some of these automation device trends into your working environment. These trends have taken off for a good reason, they provide benefits that most of us haven’t even heard of before, yet again seen, so why not start making use of them starting today?