August 07, 2020 / by Emma Jones

When it comes to sleep, not all of us manage to drift off to dreamland that easily. As the main focus of the bedroom, the bed, or rather the mattress specifically, is usually the solution one seeks in terms of increasing the comfort. Still, you can’t say you’ve taken care of your comfort entirely until you’ve made sure you have the perfect pillow and pillowcase too.

Bamboo for a Healthy & Comfortable Sleeping Environment

Bamboo happens to be among the best options for pillows nowadays, since its properties bring about many benefits for your sleep. For one, such pillows are created for utmost support for your back and neck, regardless of your favourite sleeping position, so you’d have proper spine alignments. This in turn, can prevent you from waking up with aches and pains.

In addition, bamboo is a fibre that’s naturally antimicrobial, so it provides a bacteria-free sleeping environment. This is exactly what you want in a pillow that would be close to your face, eyes, mouth and nose especially where bacteria can make its way in. Moreover, buying 100% organic pillowcases for bamboo pillows means getting something that hasn’t gone through the harsh chemical processing like other fabrics. And that’s what makes these pillowcases better for those who have allergies or sensitive skin.

Along with being hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking, bamboo as a fabric also offers thermoregulation. In other words, it’s more breathable than synthetic manmade materials, which comes in handy particularly with hot sleepers or when the temperature is too warm for sleep.

bedroom with bamboo pillowcases fo bamboo pillows

The Ideal Fabric for Beauty Sleep

All of these sleeping benefits make the investment in bamboo pillow cases a great idea, but wait till you read the ones related to beauty! In fact, by using a bamboo pillowcase you may be able to reduce the use of certain beauty products because the fabric positively affects the hair and the skin. And, the best of all is bamboo pillowcases are getting more and more affordable due to their increasing popularity.

Say Bye to Frizz – You might have heard by now that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your hair. Well, if you’re looking for a vegan and eco-friendly alternative for silk, this is it. If you’ve been sleeping on traditional pillows (by this I mean cotton and polyester blends) by now, you’re probably not a stranger to waking up to see your dull brittle hair first thing in the morning.

With organic pillowcases for bamboo pillows that are soft and smooth, often compared to these very properties of cashmere and silk, you can count on hair that’s healthy, shiny and strong. This is so even if you don’t have a particular hair care regimen because bamboo reduces the amount of friction.

girl sleeping on bamboo pillow

People with wavy, curly or damaged hair would certainly love this solution! If you’re one of these, and want to prevent breakage, then it sounds like it’s time you invested your money in quality bedding.

Say Bye to Skin Issues – Same as with doing your hair a favour, the bamboo pillowcases are great for your skin too. If you’re having problems with dry patches, acne, eczema or other issues of the sort, get yourself one of these pillowcases. They can make a great addition to a skincare routine, offering similar benefits to those of products like rosehip oil.

As mentioned, bamboo is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic so you can count on mite-free and dirt-free environment ideal for clean skin. Mind you though, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to avoid doing your laundry regularly.

Furthermore, the fact it’s a smooth fabric means that bamboo glides on your skin instead of rubbing against it, which is how it helps with its healing. Also, some people agree the smoothness is equally great for preventing ageing signs such as fine lines and wrinkles in the long run, whereas in the short term it’s essential for preventing annoying pillow marks in the morning.

girl with white shirts smiling while laying on her bed

On the plus side too, as it’s breathable, the skin on your face can breathe better which can prevent the clogging of pores. And thanks to this property, bamboo is also a fabric that doesn’t draw your skin’s natural moisture, unlike cotton which can lead to irritation.

Translation: you won’t sweat as much throughout the sleep and you can wake up with hydrated skin, no signs of dryness, no inflammation and unwanted reactions. And oh, I must point out another awesome benefit – with bamboo you get to protect yourself from unwanted odours, so you also wake up smelling fresh!

It’s really simple. When you don’t spend a night tossing and turning from sweat, and you get the utmost comfort allowing you to sleep for at least eight hours, you can be sure of looking and feeling rejuvenated. Don’t be surprised if after you make this addition in your bedroom you see an improvement to your overall complexion as well!