February 18, 2019 / by Danny Mavis

While there are those guys who pride themselves on their well-defined styles, many of us aren’t even bothered by our looks and it doesn’t matter whether we’re single or not. My personal favourite outfits are my national team jerseys combined with whatever pair of jeans doesn’t have a hole in it. Or rather, they used to be… I never expected to become one who starts paying attention to the wardrobe, consider what to buy and what to avoid at all cost, but it was pain in my feet caused by cheap rubber sole sneakers that led to the transformation. Lesson learned, you can pull off buying and wearing cheap clothing, yet it’s not the case with low-quality shoes so now I know better and invested in quality shoes that not only conform to my feet well and provide the needed support, they influence changes in my outfits for the better too. Here are some of the shoes I now consider basics for a man’s closet.

Cowboy Boots

Say what you will, but western style boots mens are as stylish as ever and you don’t have to be a cowboy to wear them. They certainly grab the attention, they’re manly and wild, and for that you have to have the confidence. Though I never thought I’d feel great wearing them, truth is I do and with every step I make, it seems like confidence just keeps growing.

Their beauty lies in their functionality, you can’t have one without the other. The perfect example for this is in the stitching; while it’s part of the decoration as well as essential in adding a bit of contrast, it also serves as protection from sagging.

My personal favourites are Ariat’s Heritage Stockman that I’ve worn for more than a year now in many occasions, from visiting the Australian Outback to running errands and rock concerts. I just combine them with a simple white shirt, dark denim, and sometimes with leather jackets.


Apart from western style boots mens closet requires a nice pair of these boots because they are the perfect middle between business and casual. They’re comfortable to wear, they protect my feet well, they look great with jeans as much as they do with khakis and are ideal for the office and the street alike. I’ve worn my classic Clarks desert boots on dates, at work, the theatre, and surprisingly, even sports events. I have to admit they are a fashion staple!

Hiking Boots

I couldn’t make up my mind whether to buy a pair of hiking boots or work boots, but eventually I weighed down both options to how often I hike and get to the worksite and decided to go for the hiking, as much as I like the rugged look of Timberland boots.

Styling them up hasn’t been difficult since they can be combined with all sorts of shirts, cardigans, and denim, and they’ve served me well especially when running to catch the last bus or climb mountains when backpacking. Despite not being specialised for the worksite, I’ve used them many times in the garage as well as helping a friend to relocate, and so far so good!


Okay, enough boots talk! As I implied earlier in the post, I’m a rather casual guy, so sneakers will always make part of my closet. I certainly don’t think I’ll even feel inclined to go for the chunky dad sneakers trend, but I’m proud of my running and street sneakers collection, especially the latter. They’re comfortable, they’re perfect for any weather (oh yes, I wear them in winter too!), and occasionally I wear them with suits too. Hey, if Robert Downey Jr. can pull it off, why can’t I?