April 19, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

Warehouses can be pretty busy and messy places, as there are goods that are constantly being moved. Employees have to deal with inbound and outbound deliveries in a timely and efficient manner, as well as moving items from one location to another. Many third-party logistics businesses also incorporate packing and assembly operations within their warehouses, which makes these spaces potentially even more messier and complex environments.

That being said, every business owner is looking to maximise their profit, and the best way to do so is to incorporate processes that add value to the business in the long run. For instance, focusing on environmentally friendly processes to reduce costs and increase the social responsibility efforts at the same time is one of the most important and efficient ways to do so. Generally, these processes involve proper waste management, reducing consumption, reusing and recycling as much as possible.

Waste Management

The waste management process focuses on using the right waste equipment and disposing the waste properly. This can lead to preventing hazardous materials from contaminating the environment. Additionally, waste equipment can help you make money on recyclables by having properly marked bins that indicate where recyclable items should go, as throwing away recyclable materials can be costly.

Reduced Consumption

Waste management in turn reduces the consumption of resources and energy. Again, this leads to reduced spending, which can surely be appreciated given the fact that energy costs are on the rise. Additionally, many businesses are looking to reduce the amount of packaging they use for shipping their products. This not only reduces shipping costs, but also the energy required to move the items and packaging materials around the warehouse. Moreover, many businesses are turning to biodegradable packaging materials, so that the consumers of the products aren’t liable for disposing harmful packaging.

Reusing Materials

Even though warehouses have always traditionally reused materials like plastic totes and wood pallets, some businesses are looking to expand that range even more. Some businesses have toyed with the idea of utilising reusable packaging material. Others are trying to reuse the material they get from suppliers. Regardless, the goal is to reduce the amount of packing material that needs to be bought for one-time use.

As you can see, all of the waste management processes are tightly tied together. If you set a proper plan in motion, you can end up getting a lot more revenue at the end of your fiscal year. Moreover, you’re advocating for a greener Earth, which may lead to many people opting to use your services over the ones of your competition.