August 14, 2017 / by Emma Jones

For many parents, the excitement of seeing their child’s first swim is closely up there with his first steps. While he may struggle a bit during the early stages, by encouraging him and applauding on the progress made, soon he’ll become the super little swimmer that’s hard to get out of the water. But regardless if you’re giving your child’s their first swimming lessons in a pool or at the beach, floatation devices are more than necessary.


Not only can the right swimming aids protect small children from drowning, but they can also inspire their confidence and help them tackle any fears they might have. And today, one will be surprised by the range of protective swimming gear for kids – from life vests featuring the character from frozen, to flippers with Spiderman on them. But if you’re looking to get your little one his first protective swimwear, make sure to buy something high-quality and from a reputable swimming gear Australia store, because safety is not something one should bargain with. Anyway, here are the best tried-and-tested means to help your child enjoy this fun water activity and sport safely and on his own .

Stage One – Rubber Ring

This is perhaps the best swimming aid when getting started. It gives a child a sense of security, because it goes around his waist resembling the feeling of being held by an adult. Moreover, with a rubber ring, your kid’s head will always be above water. Even a small baby can splash around safely in it without getting water in his eyes or tipping over. However, you should be extremely careful when picking the size. If the hole’s larger, when raising his arms there’s a risk that the child can fall through it.

Stage Two – Swimming Vest

Once your child has successfully finished the first stage of learning how to swim, you can move on to the second and acquire the appropriate aids. A water west is perfect to do so, because it helps a child learn how to balance in the water. The nice thing about this swimming device is that it will push the child to take a horizontal position, which is the proper position for swimming. The water vests include arm pieces that allow for free range of motion, while giving your child maximum floatation ability. They also come in different colourful designs that kids love to wear. A model made out of durable but soft polyester will provide maximum swimming comfort without feeling too tight.

Stage Three – Armbands

Once your kid has acquired maximum swimming confidence, and you’ve noticed that he performs the swimming motions properly, you can hand him the next piece of floatation device – the armbands. Armbands are a pair of swimming gear which children of all ages can use as long as they’re inflated to their comfort level. They can be incredibly helpful when teaching children how to swim in one spot. They are affordable and can be purchased from all swimming gear Australia stores.