November 16, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

E-biking is a fad, but one that has the potential of going beyond basic cycling. But until we live to see what happens, you can definitely try to have your share of motorised road bike experiences. These units are fairly simple to use and they seem to offer numerous convenient perks.

Save Money on Gas

Moneywise, getting an e-bike is an investment, especially in the short term. They range from 1,000 to more than 12,000 AUD, depending on your preferences. In the long term, this evens out the cost you would incur by covering the same distance with a car.

No Special Permits


E-biking is considered the same as biking. This means you don’t have to register your ride or service it as much as you’d have to service a car or a motorcycle. So, after buying your electric road bike you can freely start riding it all the way home.

Enjoy Electrically-Propelled Pedals

Electric road bicycles have a battery-powered pedal assist that enables you to let your bike take over as needed. This can be of great help in times when you’re tired and don’t have the strength to cycle. Or, maybe you want to save your energy and avoid sweating if you’re headed to the office. Either way, electrically propelled pedals are central to e-biking and are one of its greatest perks.

Extended Range

This is another popular application of the pedal boost. Instead of using it to rest your feet, you can put it to work so that you can reach distances that were beyond your physical condition in the past. Or, if you practice the boost intermittently, your feet will get you further. You can use the boost through technical or very inclined portions of the trail, or the other way around. City e road bikes usually reach distances of 50-60 km per one charging. If the range is of paramount importance to you, there are systems that are powerful enough to take you over hundreds of kilometres.

A Form of Exercise


At first glance it may be counter-intuitive, but yes, e-biking promotes fitness and health. Just because your feet are not moving that much, it doesn’t mean your body is idle. Riding a bike helps keep your core muscle strength and increases metabolism. On top of that, it requires mental coordination to navigate through city traffic, so your mind will be put to work as well. Thanks to this ride, you can squeeze in your daily exercise session in your commute hours.

Cut Through Traffic

Remember all those times when you were stuck in rush hour traffic and envied those people that just slid past you on two wheels? Well, you can be one of those guys now. Riding an e-bike will allow you to cut your way through pedestrian shortcuts and get to your destination faster.

Share It With Your Family


Electric road bicycles are one of the most inclusive transportation options out there. There is no strict age group restriction for e-bike riders – anyone who knows how to ride a bike can do it. It is as simple as that.

You Contribute to Cleaner Environment

Traditional bikes are one of the most sustainable micro-mobility solutions ever used on the planet. While your e-bike does require slightly more elaborate systems to keep its batteries charged and well maintained, it is still an environmentally-friendly way to get around. The environmental footprint of e-bikes is definitely lower than the one of motorbikes and cars.

You Can Express Your Personality

The model of electric road bike you choose can express your sense of style and preferences. Bike design has considerably advanced over the years, and today there is a range of beautiful options to choose from. You can choose to personalize your ride even more with some unique bike accessories that will also boost your convenience.