April 14, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Creative lighting and beautiful décor – if there’s anything that makes a wedding ceremony feel truly special it has to be the details. Well, why not take care of both of them with the effective simplicity of paper lanterns? Apart from being affordable (you can buy them online at wholesale prices) and very versatile, wedding paper lanterns require minimal effort to assemble but when used in a large number, they can have a big impact. Convenience-wise, unlike balloons or flowers, you can reuse them for another event.

Hang Them Up

Ah, to celebrate outside in a garden! The natural elements, the romantic breeze… For an effortlessly romantic country or vintage chic wedding, you can hang lots of paper lantern on tree branches. Trees provide a neutral background making these really pop. You can use satin ribbons to hang them at different heights to add depth and interest. With a little effort, you can make them extra special by adding painted details, tassels, and ribbons. Combine the lanterns with pompoms, honeycomb balls, and tissue fans to tie it all together.

For an evening ceremony, stock up on string lights (during post-holiday sales they’re usually cheaper) and place one paper lantern over each bulb or use as many or as few lanterns as you’d like along the strand.

Some paper lanterns already come with a light bulb inside and a small hook so you can just hang them on a thin fishing wire. Create a net over your party venue using the fishing wire on which you can hang the lanterns at different heights. Mix and match different colors, styles, and sizes to create unique décor that fits your wedding theme – navy blue and white paper lanterns are perfect for a nautical theme wedding.

Place the lights above the dining space to illuminate it and create a stunning look. Or make sure that your guests know exactly where the party is. Hang lots of lanterns over the dance scene for one serious dance sesh!

If your special day is taking place in a marquee, you can hang paper lanterns in lovely hues down the central ridge of the marquee. This setting will give the illusion that the ceiling is lower and create a more intimate feeling, while the colored lanterns create a striking look against a white marquee.


A Sky Lantern Ceremony

Let go of everything that has been troubling you and mark a new beginning as a couple with a lantern ceremony. This ritual has a deep cultural and spiritual meaning in many regions across Asia, and nowadays can be found in many Western ceremonies including weddings. Sky lanterns are beautiful to watch as they drift off into the night but they pose a danger of starting a fire and are therefore banned in some countries. But are they forbidden in Australia? Yes, they are. But paper lantern ceremonies are still legal in some countries in the USA, Bali, Italy and the Dominican Republic so you can consider making this ritual part of your ceremony if getting married overseas. Still, you need to check with your venue as each resort is different and have their own policies.

If you find a way to do this, have in mind that they should always be released in a wide-open space – wide gardens, open fields or beaches that do not have air obstructions such as buildings, trees, and power lines. The best time of day to do this is just after dusk so that you can see the sky lanterns in their full glowing glory.

If you want to include everyone on your wedding list in this ritual, you can coordinate a group release. Watching hundreds of sky lanterns fill the sky is a feast for the eyes. If your heart is set on a more intimate and subtle ceremony, you can do a couple’s release by launching a single sky lantern together, an option that is also easier on your wedding budget.

Floating Water Paper Lanterns

If your wedding venue doesn’t allow this ceremony, you can go a different route, like letting lots of paper lantern float on water. The sight of lit-up paper lanterns floating away is mesmerizing and can create unforgettable memories. Just have your camera ready for some great wedding photos.

These are perfect for an outdoor lakeside or poolside wedding to create a magical effect at night-time. They can also be used to line the sides of a path or walkway that leads your guests to the outdoor dining area. When shopping, look for paper lanterns made of water-resistant and flame-retardant paper.