May 16, 2019 / by Danny Mavis

It is a fact that technology constantly improves and strives to make our lives simpler, faster and generally better. One such piece that iPad owners will surely appreciate is the brydge keyboard. This is an easy-to-use tool that can improve the entire iPad experience.

The Features

This type of keyboards have been on the market for a few years now and one of the reasons for the great demand is the attempt it makes to perfectly merge the iPad and Mac. Simply put, if you frequently use the iPad, a brydge keyboard will offer you a Mac experience, at least when it comes to the hardware. But there is more.

The keyboard is attached to the iPad frame by using a hinge system. This is beneficial because there is no limit to the viewing angle. While faced forward and attached on the hinge, you can adjust the brydge keyboard to either be closed against the iPad or to lay completely flat, just like an open book. Another way in which you can use the keyboard is by removing the iPad from the hinge mount. This way, the keyboard is used via Bluetooth and you can place it comfortably on your lap or wherever you find fitting and convenient.

An extra detail that many find useful is the sleep/woke trigger. It is a hidden feature and once you close up the keyboard it will put the iPad to sleep, and consequently wake it up when you open it. The charging is done with a USB-C port, and you can use the same cord that you use for juicing up your iPad. This USB-C option is also significantly useful in instances when the Bluetooth connection is interrupted. You can simply connect the two using USB-C to USB-C direct line.

The Design

Even before you start using it, when you first feel it, you will notice that the keyboard is made of really solid aluminium. This high-quality material provides added strength, beauty, and a premium feel. Plus, it is lightweight – only 50 grams heavier than the iPad Pro, which results with a perfect balance. Moreover, both sides of the hinge make a perfect match with the bottom of the screen, and when you close them together you will notice that their size and thickness are also almost perfectly matched. Personal preference matters and designers know that. That is why you can find the brydge keyboard in various colours. So you can either opt for a one that matches your iPad or if you prefer, you can choose a different shade and make a more unique par.

And finally, besides looks, the designers are paying attention to the build quality as well. The hinge system comes with the perfect amount of tension that allows the keyboard to snap right into place effortlessly without the risk of breaking.