May 09, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

There are those people born for adventures, so you can see them on the road, exploring new places whenever possible, and then there are those who have been bitten by the travelling bug but still wouldn’t go for some actual adventures because they prefer the commodity they have at home. If you’re like me, you’re part of the second group, and marvel at campers from afar. Luckily, the trend of glamping is revolutionising the camping experience and more people join up to have their share.

Though staunch supporters of camping, prefering the traditional “all nature, away from civilisation” way, are voicing their discontent over this trend, we can all admit glamping is actually the blend of staying in touch with nature and having the joy and commodity you have at home. The word glamping itself is so used it found its way among the words listed in the Oxford English dictionary.

Glamping Caravan

We’re all more or less addicted to our shows, and going a day without technology can be the proof enough of the extent of this addiction. You can give your camper a glamping upgrade and you’d be in nature, not forgoing any of life’s luxuries. With the help of camping accessories, such as a camper TV antenna, you’d stay up to date with all the entertainment – your favourite shows and documentaries.

Whether it’s roof mounted or foldable camper TV antenna you’re after, you can rest assured you’d find it. They’re made to be part of your camping joy, not to complicate your on-road adventures, which means they are easy to install and use. To ensure the work of camper appliances goes smoothly, even when leisure batteries get depleted, don’t forget to count on a portable inverter generator as it makes less noise. Take all of the appliances in consideration to be able to choose the wattage correctly. Wanting to use more than just the TV, cooker, air conditioner, fridge and lights would require a bigger generator.

Glamping also encompasses a comfy bed with a fluffy duvet and pillows, and a bathroom that provides utility as it would in your home. The worry of most people who avoid camping in the first place is toilet outdoors and glamping makes camper bathroom one of the priorities. This would give your camper the hotel upgrade. You can make use of a solar shower and save on energy when on the road, so your luxury habits can also be at the benefit of your development of cost-efficient and eco-friendly habits. Accommodate all the comforts of your home into your home on wheels, and you’d become a fan of camping too.