July 27, 2018 / by Emma Jones

We all know that summer is peak season for caravanning. The long, warm days are perfect to hit the road and make the most of Australia’s picturesque nature. But given the investment that a caravan is, many people wish to use it throughout the whole year, not only during the warm months. Considering how winter evenings are known to get pretty cold in the outback, you want to make sure you’ll stay cosy and warm inside your caravan. Unless your idea of a winter holiday involves staying wrapped in layers of blankets, you should probably consider investing in a good heating system for your vehicle.

Many caravans are likely to have built-in heating. But if for some reason yours falls short of generating enough warmth or malfunctions in any way, it’s easy to have it replaced with something reliable and safe. At any good store that deals with caravan supplies you can find a variety of heaters, but how can you know which one suits you the most? To make it easier, here’s a quick guide on the different types of caravan heaters.

Diesel-Powered Heaters

Air heaters that run on diesel are the most cost-efficient type of caravan heating and can be found in any store selling caravan supplies. They can quickly heat up a large area and can be used in campervans, caravans, or camper trailers. If your vehicle runs on diesel, the heater can be supplied with fuel from its tank, otherwise you should consider having a separate tank installed. The exhaust and air intake are mounted on the inside, with one or more outlets on the inside of the caravan. The only downside to diesel heaters is that they tend to be noisy sometimes, but this problem does not occur in many newer models.

Gas-Powered Heaters

Gas-powered caravan heaters have the advantage of being relatively silent when compared to diesel models. But due to this, they can be quite expensive to purchase and to later run – considering the fact that they consume a lot of fuel. They take more time to heat up the space and aren’t as reliable as their diesel counterparts when the weather gets extremely cold.

Other Types of Heaters

Besides gas and diesel heaters, there are also heaters that run on electricity which you can only use if you camp in a caravan park. Solar panels are an environmentally friendly solution, however, they aren’t the most reliable choice considering you need ample supply of direct sunlight which can be scarce in winter.