July 15, 2021 / by Emma Jones

Spending some time in the great outdoors is beneficial for both body and mind and caravanning is one of the most popular ways to enjoy some quality time with family and friends. It’s all about adventure, exploring and uniquely discovering the beauty of nature. Many Aussies have invested in RVs and turned to new ways to holidays these days.

awnings-carousel caravan awning

Whether you are new to the caravanning world or an already experienced RV camper, you might be looking for different ways to increase the comfort level of your journey. If you want to generate your energy on the go, solar kits are the right solution for you, but if you want to expand your caravan, then look no further than caravan awnings.

A caravan side awning is a key component of any caravan trip, providing extra room for storage and significantly increasing living space. Choosing the right awning can make a big difference in your caravanning experience, but with so many different types and sizes available, it can turn into an overwhelming task. To help you narrow down your choices, here are some tips and advice you may find useful when selecting your caravan awning.

How to Choose Caravan Awnings

There are three basic types of awnings on the market these days, including porch awning, full awing and canopy awning. When choosing an awning, you need to consider the fabric, the type of poles available and whether you need a groundsheet or not.

Porch Awnings

A porch awning fits over your caravan door and covers most of the side of your caravan. You can choose a caravan side awning that gives you a place to take off wet coats and muddy boots before entering your van, but also it offers protection from the wind and rain and the harsh Australian sun. A porch awning is great as well for storing bikes and body boards after a day at the beach.

caravan awning for shade

The best thing about this type of awning is that it’s easy to set up and disassemble, and is portable. It’s attached to the ground with pegs, and sometimes guide ropes, very similar to a tent. When buying a porch awning, make sure you consider the height from the ground to the awning rail and the length of the caravan section where the awning will sit.

Full Awnings

A full awning is bigger than a porch awning and it runs along the whole length of the caravan. It gives you a lot of space to relax and features large zipped doors and removable panels that you can open or close depending on the weather. This sturdy construction is stable and reliable, and can help you create one or two extra rooms for ultimate comfort on your caravan journey.

Canopy Awnings

Canopy awnings can be permanently or temporarily fixed to the side of your caravan. The permanent ones unfurl like roller blinds and most of them have a pair of integral poles that fold down to form legs for stability.

Does Any Awning Fit Any Caravan?

Colorado-Patio-Annex caravan awning

There are awnings to fit all types of caravans, but if you choose a more unusual unit, such as a folding caravan or a pop-top, it may be a better idea to look for a specialist awning. However, caravans come in many different sizes and so do caravan awnings, so if you want to stay on the safe side make sure to take the right measurements and select an awning that fits your caravan perfectly.

Benefits of Caravan Awnings

Easy to Set Up

Most caravan awnings are easy to set up. All you need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly and you’ll get a more personalised space that meets your specific needs. Larger awnings may take longer as they involve more work. Usually, they come with additional attachments and poles that require proper configuration.

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To make things easier, try to lay everything out beforehand, so you can quickly access all the parts and have an overall view of what part should go where. Caravans have an awning rail or runner along the side, which provides a place for fixing the awning. Some manufacturers offer attachment systems as well, like quick fit brackets, for instance, which significantly make the process easier. Most importantly, you need to make sure to attach safely and securely, so your awning will stay at the same place if the wind picks up.

Various Materials

Most caravan awnings these days come in different materials. High-grade materials are available for caravan awnings, offering strength and durability. The materials are lightweight as well, so they are easy to carry around and store when needed. Some of the most common fabrics for caravan awnings are acrylic and polyester, breathable and waterproof materials, ideal for protecting you from the rain and offering shade under the sun.



Caravan awnings are cost-effective products as they provide extra space with ease, help with temperature regulation and can be pulled down when you don’t need them anymore. When using an awning, you can save a substantial amount of energy for cooling or warming, and make your caravan trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Easy to Clean

You can clean your awning using water and a soft brush. Simply spray on water, loosen up any dirt with the brush and remove it with water. It’s recommendable to clean your awning around twice a year, while the awning is erect. Avoid using detergent or other cleaning products.