July 14, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Having a lovely, taken-care-of backyard has many benefits, both for your house and your quality of life. The aesthetic side of things improves the look and value of your home and offers a place of solace, which in turn provides a natural space for you to relax in, something that is quite a luxury, especially if you live in a big city.

However, if you want a yard that looks like something right out of a Pinterest page you’ll need to put a lot of work in. It may seem simple enough, and in essence, it is, but still, when intricacies are in order, things tend to show their complicated side. After all, you are dealing with living things.

Depending on what type of trees and plants you have in your yard, your work will vary. Not every tree out there can survive on occasional special care and just what nature herself can provide. Some need a bit more tending to, to be able to thrive in just the right way, but not all of us are capable or have the time to provide that.

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Luckily for us busy bees, there are people whose job description is just that – tending for trees. Providing a quality residential tree service and a plethora of other services connected to the well-being of trees, certified arborists are the people you need to call when faced with a yard that needs a bit of love to achieve its maximum potential.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a residential tree service company to help bring out your yard’s best!

Expert Advice

No matter if you need someone to help identify an existing issue or someone to help prevent one from developing, a tree service company will be able to aid in both of these, and many other, situations.

As I said, residential tree care companies are comprised of certified arborists, or tree experts, who either have general knowledge about the trees in your yard or have studied specific types and strands of trees and are thus deemed experts in that specific field.

Becoming an arborist is quite a lengthy process that requires a lot of studying, several diplomas, city and nation-wide certificates, and so on, so when looking for a residential tree care service, the first thing you need to do is make sure their employees actually have all of these things.

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Once you do, however, you’ll understand the benefits of having these guys on your side in full. Able to offer truly expert and in-depth advice and insight on the state of your trees and what you can do to either improve their life or simply maintain their healthy state, arborists are going to make caring for your trees and overall yard so much easier.

Googling and guesswork are going to be things of the past, replaced by specific instructions and spot-on diagnosis that are easy to follow and always on time, providing you with the optimal steps you need to take in order to keep everything neat and tidy.

No matter what your yard issue is, certified arborists are going to be able to come to your home, assess the situation, and offer quality solutions, so having them have your back is an investment that’s definitely going to pay off.

Pruning & Removal

Another area arborists can help with is the pruning of trees as well as the removal of those that need it.

Pruning is great for trees that extend their branches toward useful infrastructure, like roofs, phone and internet lines, and so on, as well as to aid and promote healthy growth.

Just like with hair, for example, where a little trim can help it grow more beautiful and luscious than ever, tree pruning can help relieve your trees of unnecessary or dead branches that are slowing its progress down, opening the path up for new, healthy strands to surface.

tree pruning
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Pruning is not just about branches, tho. When arborists assess the state of your tree they will be able to notice if maybe other parts of the tree need to be removed, things that aren’t visible to the eye, like the roots, for example.

A dead or compromised root can cause much damage to a whole part of the tree that depends on it, so having it removed and open space up for a fresh one to develop is of utmost importance for both the health and the looks of your tree.

What’s more, when things have gone too far and the tree is either already dry or is sick beyond any help, arborists can remove it for you in a safe way. Many homeowners opt for removing trees in their backyards by themselves, which may cause damage to the home itself, the yard, or any surrounding houses, so hiring experts to do the work for you makes a lot of sense.

By employing arborists experienced in residential tree trimming and removal you won’t be risking anything and will have the unwanted tree removed in a timely manner, leaving everything around it safe and sound.


Aside from diagnosing and helping existing trees, arborists can also help with planting new trees in your yard.

A lot of us want to diversify and switch things up once in a while in the home, so why should the yard be any different? Instead of buying furniture, however, this time it’s planting new trees that does the trick and brings that new look.

source: aces.edu

However, planting trees isn’t an easy task. Not all of them require the same care, with some being extremely specific in their needs, so your arborist friends are going to be able to really help with this portion, too, instructing you on ideal tree types for your yard and climate, how to properly plant and care for them, and will aid with any issues you might run into along the way.

What’s more, the residential tree planting means that you can also have the arborists plant your trees themselves and monitor their growth and progress regularly, all so you can have a beautiful yard without any worries included!