July 20, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

When it comes to finding the best shelving solution in a warehouse or industrial situation then you really can’t go past pallet racks. In any situation, it is important to understand how this type of shelving works so you can easily add it to your workplace. Below we have compiled a rough guide on how this shelving solution is assembled, how it works, and a few reasons why most businesses choose this solution over others. If your company or business is in a need of a good storage solution then you really can’t go past selective pallet racks, which seem to be the most popular choice.

The first thing you should know before looking for a shelving solution Melbourne wide, is what components make up these pallet racking shelves. There are two main components which are the legs which hold up all the shelves. There is a component of the legs which is called uprights which are what the each pallet rack bay sits on. There must be at least two uprights in order to support the pallet rack bay properly. The pallet rack beams are the second main component that makes up this shelving solution. You need two of these beams to make the shelf which is where you will store your stock. Not all beams are the same, this is so they can cater to different needs. You can find beams that come in different heights and lengths in order to customize them to your liking. You don’t even need any equipment to attach the beams to the uprights and legs which makes assembly much easier.

industrial shelving - space efficient pallet storage

It’s important to note that before you go out and buy just any pallet racking or any kind of shelving solution, you need to measure what you want to store! This is so important because you need to know the size of your stock to make sure it fits on the shelving you want. Countless times people have made the mistake only to realize that what they want to store doesn’t fit in the end. You should make sure that you measure the width, height, and depth of your stock so you can choose the appropriate shelving. It is important that you buy and install pallet racks or shelving that is sure to have more than enough space for whatever it is you want to store. You should also make sure that whatever you’re storing, it shouldn’t exceed the weight limit to make sure your shelving stays up!

The most difficult part of the whole process is figuring out how to organize them to make sure you are getting the most out of your shelving. You’re probably going to want to organize the shelves into rows to really get the most use and efficient flow. Measure your space so you can calculate exactly how many rows you can fit into your work or storage space. You should also make sure to measure how tall they can go so you can use that space as well. You should take into equation overhang of any object and also how you will be taking the stock on and off the shelves in order to set up the room so that working in it is easy, quick and risk free.

Last but not least it is important you know about the accessories you can find to add extra qualities to your shelving solution. You could use such things as back to back ties, drum cradles, pallet supports, skid supports, wall ties, column protectors, reel holders, forklift clearance bars, wire decking, and much more. You should choose the ones that would ease the workload in your particular workplace. If you are someone who is interested in finding the best shelving solution Melbourne wide then you can easily search online to find pallet racking near you. It is no doubt one of the best ways to store stock when you are working in an industry that requires it.