July 12, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

Every country has something special it prides itself on. Some have mesmerizing natural beauty, while others boast a high economic growth and standard of living. And some are lucky enough to have both, like our dear Australia. Rich with many promising job opportunities, an unemployment rate of only 5%, efficient health care system, sunny climate and natural treasures, no wonder it’s the number one destination for foreign migrants.

Because of its large number of immigrants (I bet you personally know a person or two who have come to Australia), people tend to think it’s incredibly easy. However, in order to become a legitimate citizen of the Land Down Under, one needs to undergo a long and daunting visa process, that’s more complicated than those of other countries. There are around 149 Australian immigration visas, which besides being being heavily detailed, are also subject to frequent change. So the information you received a month ago, might become outdated just before you send in your application, increasing the chances of rejection and even deeming it completely ineligible.

But here’s a reassuring thought: You don’t have to fight bureaucracy alone. There are migration agents you can consult with and seek assistance on all kinds of visa applications, whether student, family or skilled migration. It’s not required by law to use one, but like all life-changing steps, it’s always reassuring to have someone competent guide you along the way. Whether you use a migration agent is entirely a matter of choice. If you do decide to look for a migration agent Melbourne, Sydney based or even one in your own country, make sure that he is certified by MARA ( Migration Agents Registration Authority).

This is because MARA is the only relevant body which assesses whether an agent is credible to offer visa advice and assistance. The use of unlicensed “advisers” is prohibited by law due to the increased number of visa scams carried out by people claiming to be Australian migration agents. If you are unsure whether a migration agent is truly a part of MARA, the organisation has an online directory of its members which you can quickly check.

Regardless of which agent you choose, no-one can give you a 100% guarantee that your visa will be approved. However, there are a number of other benefits which make using the assistance of migration agents highly recommended:

  • Advice on what option is best for you out of Australia’s 140+ visa options;
  • Giving you an unbiased opinion on your chances of success;
  • Making sure the documents are prepared according to the standards of the Australian Department of Immigration and relevant state government, if necessary;
  • Tailoring a solution if your case is unique;
  • Preparing a submission that will represent you in the best possible light; and more

Finally, it’s also important to mention that foreigners due to their vulnerable state, are constantly target for a number of visa-related scams even once they have permanently resettled to Australia. One such example is the case of Jatinder Singh, an Indian man who came to Australia on a spouse visa and a couple of months later got a call from someone saying he had a mistake in his documents and needs to pay almost a hundred dollars to have it fixed. If you ever experience similar problems, make sure that you always know where to find the office of a MARA migration agent Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere near you so that they can assess the trustworthiness of the situation.