August 24, 2016 / by Emma Jones

Just like no outfit is complete without the much needed accessories, the same way no bedroom design scheme is ever complete without a dressing table. It is the piece of furniture that adds that dose of charm and individuality that will make you feel like a diva every time you use it. Yup, it is the spot where you get ready to start your day and the spot to take off your makeup and prepare for your beauty sleep. Needless to say, these and a couple more points are the reasons why you should invest in a quality piece that will combine the best features to offer you the ultimate stylish boost in the room and of course, a functional space to store your loveys.

So let’s take a look at all the considerations and accessories you need to bear in mind to choose a contemporary dressing table that will make your room look better and will make your daily beauty routines more enjoyable.

Mirror, mirror

Your ally in all of your beauty rituals and thousands of runway outfit combinations that you try out in your free time. Yes, I know you do it, we galls all do it. It is important to choose a quality mirror that will not be blurry and will reflect the way that you are – no slimmer effect or the opposite one. You do not want to fool yourself while staring at your reflection at home because you do want to apply your makeup flawlessly, right? You can buy a contemporary dressing table that comes with a mirror, or even better, you can have one custom made just the way you want it to look like so that it suits all your specific needs.


Since there is a variety of types of dressing tables, some of them come with just few compartments, and others have much more space for storage. Take a look at all the things you need to store in it first and ask yourself how much space do you need to stack your stuff neatly? Yes, keyword: neatly. You certainly do not want to have to untangle your jewelry in the morning rush or waste time looking for that eye shadow that will go perfectly well with your outfit for the day. Having enough storage space and having everything well organized will not only spare you time in the morning, but it will also make your room look better and give you a feeling that you have it all figured out. I hate it when my drawers are a mess – it seems like my life is too. I bet you feel sometimes like that as well. Oh well…


Us women love looking ourselves in the mirror every time we get a chance to do so. Well, the dressing table is that piece of furniture in the bedroom that sees most emotions, after the bed of course. Therefore, to have a quality “me time”, do yourself a favour and add a stool or a chair so that you make getting ready for the day much more enjoyable than it already is. But do not just put there any stool; choose one that will perfectly complement your contemporary dressing table making it look as a whole, as well as one that will be just one more cute piece of accessory to your already fabulous-looking bedroom.