September 28, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

There might not be a more versatile tool than the powerful angle grinder. It can be loud, it can also be very dangerous unless you properly protect yourself. Nevertheless, an angle grinder is an indispensable ally for a number of jobs that can’t be accomplished any other way. Whenever a handyman needs to do some cutting, grinding, polishing, or any kind of task involving metal, he often turns to this reliable tool.

An angle grinder works by spinning a small but sharp disc or wheel at a high velocity rate (from 6500, to 8000 and even 11 000 revolutions per minute) to polish, cut, or grind. On the market for power tools you can choose from pneumatic (air powered), to corded, or cordless grinders, available for as little as 60$ to larger units costing as much a 350$. And since the world is constantly shifting towards cordless alternatives (have you seen Apple’s new charging mat?), it’s only normal that the people using power tools will also turn to the more convenient cordless options.

Angle Grinder Disc

And going cordless is perhaps the best decision you can make for a heavy-duty power tool such as a grinder. For one, cordless grinders offer you the freedom to work independent from a power source, without the annoying presence of cables or power cords. What this means is that cordless grinders are easy to move around while in use, giving you access to tricky and hard to reach areas such as high locations and various construction sites where there’s no power socket nearby.

Cordless grinders are still powered by electricity, only in the more convenient battery form. This means that you don’t have to worry about the risk of an electrical shock, and can freely use them around wet areas. They are also much safer for the environment than the gas powered units, and since they require no gas or air compressors to power them, they are a cheaper choice as well.

As battery technology continues to evolve, so do these grinders become more popular because of how easy it is to replace or recharge the battery. Usually cordless grinders use Lithium-ion batteries which are lightweight and have a large power capacity. However, it’s always good to consider using a spare battery while the empty one is charging, especially when the job can extend to several hours. For extra convenience, some manufacturers also include a battery charger with their cordless grinder.

While in the past, cordless grinders were usually considered as tools for small and quick jobs, today you can expect them to perform just as a corded unit would do. With this greater power, comes great responsibility. Therefore, your grinder should come with some sort of diagnostic system that will keep you and your investment safe. It can be something as simple as a fan cooling the motor while you put it to work, or something more advanced such as an electronic limiter – a type of automated motor protection against thermal overload.