October 17, 2016 / by Danny Mavis

Having your torch run out of batteries just when you need it most is one nerve-racking scenario. Fortunately, you can avoid this common issue by investing in a quality rechargeable LED torch that’s in fact the perfect combo of torch and batteries packed in one single unit. These torches have become a popular alternative to traditional ones as they feature long-life batteries that can be used several times before recharging. Besides being convenient, there are some types of rechargeable torches that come with a USB cord and a cell phone charger that can be easily plugged even in your vehicle.

When speaking about quality rechargeable torches, the most popular and quality ones these days are the LED Lenser rechargeable torches, and they are the first choice for security and law enforcement officers. The thing that makes LED Lenser so popular and special is their extended light range which renders them ready to meet any customer’s demand.

The most common thing for all LED Lenser rechargeable torches are their AAA batteries which cannot be compared to the ordinary Lithium batteries – money wise. Apart from being way more affordable, the AAA rechargeable batteries are also very easy to find. In addition, probably the most noteworthy thing is that all of their parts come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty.

For those of you who have never used or heard of this brand, LED Lenser divides its ranges with a letter for each sector, wherein:

  • “M” stands for micro-processor torches that differ from other by their different functions

  • “P” stands for the professional range of torches designed for more specific uses

  • “T” is used for the tactical range and are mainly designed for the police and security market

  • “H” is the letter used for head torches

Now, speaking of specific rechargeable torches, the P7R is a model that will give you the best lighting experience. In fact, this model takes the performance to a whole new level with its 1000 lumens brightness and optimised output with Smart Light Technology™, as well as Floating Charge System™.


  • Length: 16.6 cm

  • Weight: 210 g

  • Rechargeable battery

When it comes to the “H” series, the most reliable LED Lenser model is the H14R.2 rechargeable head torch. It delivers an extremely bright output of 1000 lumens and can be operated with both standard and rechargeable batteries. It features a universal fastener that facilitates flexible mounting on a bike, a table, or clothing. It also includes eight programmable settings, advanced focus system technology for both near and far viewing, a rear red LED for greater visibility, and a third head strap for extra comfort on longer projects. The overall weight of this head torch is 340g.