January 29, 2019 / by Emma Jones

Perhaps you’re a self-conscious individual who has a hard time interacting with others, perhaps you’re the exact opposite; whichever group you make part of, fact is first impressions matter.

Knowing this, a smile is a feature that comes in handy, no matter how much of a wallflower or outgoing person you are. Nowadays, even if you don’t have the kind of smile you pride yourself on, there are ways you can improve it that won’t cost you a fortune.


Having something to hide, such as malformed teeth, chips, gaps or discolouration, veneers are a popular solution to improving your smile’s aesthetics. In case your main issue is the budget, instead of going for porcelain you could choose the composite veneer option.

Made from composite resin, these veneers are easily customisable and bond right to the surface of the teeth so unlike porcelain they don’t take up as much time to be attached, and there is less preparation needed which makes them easy to remove and replace.

In other words, you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of in just one visit at the dentist’s, saving both time and money.

Prevent Issues

Ever thought what you could do to prevent the issues you’d need composite veneer cover for? Except for malformation, there are ways to prevent chips and discolouration by being more prudent with the foods and drinks you choose to indulge in.

Hard candy can be quite the treat but not being careful chewing it can take its toll on your smile, leading to a chip or even worse, costing you a tooth that would require a more expensive solution such as crowns or implants.

Likewise, soda, wine, berry juice, coffee, some teas like the black, and citrus fruits can be delicious however if consumed on a regular basis would damage your teeth discolouring them or weakening the enamel.

In case you can’t give them up, at least try and consume them moderately, additionally taking precautions by rinsing the mouth with water right after drinking and eating, as well as brushing.

Often, we forget the importance of flossing because brushing seems to be enough. As discouraging as it sounds, with a brush you won’t be able to reach all the areas between the teeth, so make flossing part of your basic dental hygiene, along with professional cleaning and polishing regularly to prevent plaque buildup.

Smoking is another bad habit that causes dental problems other than breaking your bank and affecting your well-being; Think of your smile, health and wallet, don’t smoke!