March 20, 2018 / by Emma Jones

As the weather becomes chillier and the door closes on my balcony breakfasts, it’s time to sneak back to one of my favourite spots of the house – the breakfast bar. If you ask me, there’s nothing more delightful than a sunny breakfast nook where you can spend those few calm minutes in the morning before you start your busy day.

I know that some kitchens are large and some are small, but believe me – everyone has the space to fit a tiny breakfast bar, with a couple of stools and just enough space to have a coffee and bagel. This casual seating corner can give your kitchen an intimate, cosy appeal and a more homey vibe – perfect for starting your morning on a good note. And it’s easy to turn every wall into a beautiful breakfast nook. You only need to add a ledge and some gorgeous bar stools.


An eye-catching set of bar stools can spice up even the tiniest of breakfast nooks. Whether you’re looking for classic vintage gems or sleek, modern designs, bar stools come in just about every style under the sun. Don’t rush your decision, and look for the design that suits your space best. And don’t try to make do with regular chairs since they aren’t high enough to offer you a refreshing window view while enjoying your breakfast.

When it comes to choosing breakfast bar stools Australia interior designers advice to be careful and not get them confused with counter stools. Counter stools are usually 60 cm off the floor, where as breakfast bar stools tend to have seats at 75 cm or higher. However, make sure that the seats are still low enough to be conveniently tucked under the nook. Luckily enough, most breakfast bar stools Australia retailers offer models with adjustable height mechanisms and swivel stools that can give you a little bit of wiggle room to find your perfect seating position.

Finding the perfect spot is key to making a cosy and enjoyable breakfast experience. That’s why I love having my nook by the window. Looking outside a window is a lot more stimulating to the senses than having to stare at a brick wall. Plus, eating by the window is better since there’s going to be a beam of natural light waking you up rather than an uncomfortable glow of overhead lighting fixtures.

Since breakfast is the important meal of the day, make sure that your breakfast bar is designed to give you comfort and inspire good vibes.