August 07, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

RC cars are the favourite hobby of many people for both the simple enjoyment they can bring, as well as the potential competitive nature of the cars themselves. What I mean is that while you are perfectly capable of simply using it around your home as a sort of mindless fun distraction (like any other hobby), you can also race them against each other. Many people have found that they really enjoy getting together and hosting their own dirt derbies with their friends or people that share the same hobby in order to see which car is the fastest and which controller the most skilled.

If you too are interested and would like to try and host your own little miniature race event, then there are only a few things that you will need to make it a reality. Firstly you will, of course, need some competitors, which is pretty simple since there are a lot of people that get enjoyment from this particular hobby and will be more than happy to meet and race against like-minded individuals. Next, you will need a track, and seeing as how making one is pretty tricky, the better option would be to make the cars fit the track and not the other way around. Luckily, this isn’t hard as there are essentially two types of cars you need for the two types of tracks.

RC monster truck

The first type of car that you will need and the one that is by far the most popular choice for a lot of people is the RC monster truck. The most notable characteristic of the RC monster truck and the main reason why so many people like it are its large tires. These same tires are able to easily go over a lot of small obstacles and climb any sand dunes on inclines, or at least the type that you might find in your backyard. While they don’t lack much in terms of speed and power, when racing these particular RC cars, the best way to do it is to scatter a lot of small obstacles on the dirt or sand where you draw out the course and have the race be more about skillful evasion than flat-out speed.

On the completely opposite side of the spectrum, we have the racing RC cars. These little models are designed to look like a lot of real sized racing cars and as such are lower to the ground and much more suitable to paved driveways and asphalt. However, if their lack of maneuverability on rough paths may lead you to believe that they aren’t so fun to drive as the monster trucks, then you would be wrong. The track that you should make (either in chalk or other types of marking) should have a lot of curves and sharp turns, but a straight line or two as well. This way you will really see how fast these little speed devils are as they turn the corners like nothing you’ve seen and blaze through the straight lines only to stop on a dime before the turn.