December 29, 2020 / by Emma Jones

Do you feel like your daily life overwhelming, draining all of your energy? If the answer is yes, then it sounds like it’s high time you to implement some changes, but first you need to locate the root of the problem.

Do You Overstress?

Stress can be a good thing when it happens occasionally. However, being exposed to it every day is a recipe for disaster. If it becomes chronic, it can have a bad impact on the overall health. Besides the fact that it can suppress your immune system, upset the digestive system, increase your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart attack, as well as affect your sleep and sex drive, stress can also make you feel mentally and physically exhausted.


Sounds familiar? If yes, then you could use the help of something that would relax and invigorate your senses as well as uplift your mood. While there are various methods you can use to your advantage, from yoga and meditation to Chinese tai chi exercises, aromatherapy may be the best solution.

Essentials oils are known for their power to unwind and ease stress. You can use them throughout the day, whether you’re at home, at work or even on the go. However, if you want to reap the benefits of more than one, it’s best to get an energy essential oil blend.

Choose Your Oils

Depending on the issues you wish to address, there are various energy essential oils that offer additional benefits:

  • citrusy aromas such as lemon, sweet orange and tangerine assist with cleansing, detoxifying and clearing the thoughts of a melancholic mind, instilling a sense of joy and encouraging relaxation;
  • as a natural hybrid between water mint and spearmint, the sharp refreshing aroma of peppermint is helpful for both one’s body and mind as it improves digestive health and provides mental clarity;
  • the sweet bergamot aroma as a mixture of citrus and spicy floral fragrances is known for calming anxiety and supporting the immune system;
  • the woody aroma of rosemary is perfect if you’re after improving your memory and stimulating your creativity.

Using essential oils is pretty easy. Simply take a whiff of the bottle, add the oil of your choice on a handkerchief to smell it throughout the day, or add it topically (after diluting it first). You can also use energy boosting essential oils as air fresheners by diffusing them and get a spa-like feel in your home.

Do You Overwork?

There are times you may not even realise you are pushing your limits to the max when it comes to work. While it’s good to get a sense that you’re taking care of your daily chores and obligation, it’s also advisable to be realistic regarding how much you can handle on a daily basis. To avoid having a mini breakdown, it’s necessary to take some time for yourself every day, and just forget about the workload.


In addition, get in the habit of making a list of your tasks, separating them into two categories: those that can’t wait, and those that can. This can give you a hint regarding how many of the things you consider important actually aren’t, at least not in the sense that you have to take care of them ASAP.

Do You Skip Breakfast?

Hate to break it to you but skipping this crucial meal at the very start of the day can make you feel exhausted. Instead of only relying on caffeine to help you make it through the day, be sure to implement this one important meal in your daily schedule if you want to get a boost of energy first thing in the morning.


Think of food as a fuel for your body – once you’re up on your feet, you need to replenish the energy and kick-start your metabolism with healthy fats, protein from yogurt and eggs, and some whole grains either from cereals or breads.

And while having your breakfast, you can plan your other meals for the day. If you are interested in making the most of your meals when it comes to feeling healthier and more energetic, skipping fast foods and getting your fresh meals delivered is a very convenient option, especially if you don’t have to time to prepare healthy meals.

Do You Drink Enough Water?

No, you don’t have to stick to the “eight glasses per day” rule but have in mind that dehydration can cause fatigue. Since water can boost your metabolic rate and make you feel satiated, it can provide you with a boost in energy.


Not to mention, being hydrated is related to your concentration and mood, so next time you want to elevate your mood and improve your energy levels, skip the sugary energy drinks and grab a glass of water instead.