June 11, 2019 / by Emma Jones

Shower heads are the kind of appliance that you never think about until you do. Then, when you go out to buy one, you find yourself fallen into a hidden world of sizing, water pressure, and functionality. So you spend hours going crazy over the tiniest of details before making the final buying decision. Well, consider me your tour guide in that frightening whirlpool.

Start the easiest way – browse the range of shower heads online Australia stores offer and pick your favourites. This way you can have a clear picture of the different designs, types and prices of shower heads and narrow down your choices. Also, think about all the time and money that online shopping can save you because it is much easier to find affordable products online than in a local store. Moreover, space is limited in stores, which means there will be a limited number of options to choose from. So, when looking for shower heads online Australia wide, here’s what you should pay most attention to.


  • Knowing the different types and their features will help you to choose the one that will work best for your particular shower.
  • Wall-mounted shower heads feature a simple bowl-shaped head that is attached right to the shower elbow. They are flexible and simple;
  • Hand-held shower heads are connected to a hose that is attached on the elbow. Some models may come with both conventional heads and be hand-held;
  • Ceiling, or also known as a “Rain”, shower heads are fixed to a long “P” or “L” shaped arm which positions the showerhead right over the person in the cabin.


  • Different showerheads spray water with different intensity and patterns. Most come with a few different settings that you can adjust:
  • Wide which is a default. This means that the water coming from the shower head sprays out of each nozzle separately in the same consistency and speed;
  • Rinse means when the water pours out of the central nozzles;
    Targeted spray setting allows for the water to shoots in high pressure than usual, but only from a few nozzles;
  • Pulsating is a setting where water shoots out of nozzles in alternating patterns.


Different shower heads require different water pressure for effective water flow. If your home does not have the right pressure for the head you choose, then you can not expect the shower head to provide enough strength and effective consistency. For this reason, your best decision is to first check if the water pressure in your home is high enough to suit the pressure requirements of the showerhead you want to buy.

And finally, once you finally find a shower head with all the features that you like, consider whether it will fit in your bathroom’s decor for the ultimate aesthetics and functionality!