March 28, 2019 / by Danny Mavis

The line between two top brands who have set industry standards when it comes to visors and optics becomes more of a parallel pathway when you compare them. Not here though, here we are going to discuss two such brands – Eotech and Vortex Optics – and what sets them apart from each other based on their brand positioning and recognition among customers. Although they have some similar products, there are still some things that make them different from each other. Let’s take a look.

vortex optics


This is a company founded in 1986 that didn’t discourage its founders, Maggie and Dan, with its humble beginnings but instead motivated them to do more and work harder to develop their business. After sixteen years of mediocre business making, they decided to change their name to Vortex Optics and the rest is history. One thing that hasn’t changed over the years though is the company’s words of guidance – “The customer is King”. This has been further approved by their VIP warranty program which literally says that no matter whose fault it is they will always repair or replace a product which is usually covered with a lifetime warranty.

vortex optics

At Vortex, they swore to abide by one thing when it comes to product making and quality which is “uncommon excellence” and they mean it as their three P’s are People, Products, and Promises. This isn’t just empty talk by the company’s branding team but instead, something that they practice too. Vortex Optics has a very durable array of spotting scopes and binoculars as they are known to be engineered and tested in their own facilities without any third parties included. The company has dealerships in countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and of course all over the USA, Europe and even South Africa.


Eotech was founded by ERIM (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) as a spin-off company, almost a decade later than Vortex – in 1995. As a wholly owned subsidiary of ERIM, Eotech didn’t start off slowly but instead, it introduced its first generation HWS at the Show shot a year after it was founded. This got Eotech the award Optic of the year as the optic itself provided a high increase of on-target accuracy and acquisition both in hunting and sporting applications. The explosive start of this company has helped it to come this far in a shorter period of time than its competitor, and although being so successful early on, Eotech struggled a little bit until November of 2005.

vortex optics

After the acquisition of Eotech by L3, the company’s product line grew further but despite that, they still persisted in making high-quality visors and scopes. Today, the company specializes in a lot of different fields like electro-optic systems, infrared products, and other thermal, aiming and illumination products which are distributed globally. What makes Eotech stand out from the crowd is the manufacturing of different kinds of military-related products, despite them starting out by making the first holographic optics.