July 10, 2017 / by Danny Mavis

One of the most reliable vehicles in the world are the off-road 4×4 ones. Tough terrains that make other vehicle abort mission are a piece of cake for these babes. Since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you already know this and are a proud owner, but I couldn’t resist the urge for a Captain Obvious intro. Now, if you want to get the maximum out of your beast, you should consider third-party upgrades. If you love your off-roadster, you gotta treat it right and for that purpose there are a couple of 4wd that can make you ride safer, help you achieve more durability and even make your vehicle look cooler.

The first things that require an upgrade is the bull bar and grille guard. This may alter the appearance of your vehicle to a certain degree, but many owners agree that it makes it look more interesting. The main purpose of this 4wd equipment gear is to protect the vehicle from hazards such as derbies (rocks and dust) and bugs (Australian BUGS!).

Bull Bar & Grille Guard 4wd
Bull Bar & Grille Guard

Another thing to consider buying is a roof rack. This upgrade is meant for the people who travel long-distances (campers) and require an additional storage space. If you plan to travel Australia, with more than 3 people, you will need those extra litres of baggage space. It is easily installed, but if you have issues installing it, you can always ask the retailer to assist you, and they are sure to accept the challenge in the blink of an eye.

4wd roof rack
Roof Rack

Another good upgrade for you 4×4 vehicle are headlight covers. This four-wheel drive gear is not only cost-effective, but it also adds a little more charm and aesthetic feel to your vehicle. On the market you can find customizable headlight protectors, and it all depends on your personal choice. The most common materials used to construct this equipment are vinyl film and plastics.

4wd headlight covers
Headlight Covers

The final part you should consider upgrading are the weather shields. All retail weather shield are built great, but cannot cope with the Australian weather. These third-party weather shield can really come in handy and give you the needed protection for the side windows, while at the same time provide great visibility. The most common material used to construct these shields is durable plastic that can withstand the Australian hot weather.

4wd weather shields
Weather Shields

Even though there is more to 4wd equipment that the aforementioned, this are the most essential items. Both in online and offline stores, Australian retailers offer bundle deals, which means good prices on a couple of the aforementioned ones. Hopefully, this info will help you decide which items are the best upgrade equipment for your vehicle.