March 25, 2021 / by Emma Jones

It’s a fact that kids have much higher energy reserves than adults. This is the reason why they’re constantly moving, running, jumping around, ready to explore things that catch their attention. To constructively use all that energy stored inside tiny bodies, kids should participate in sporting activities.

However, to make the most out of their sports activities, kids should be dressed accordingly in activewear that is designed specifically for their age. They can go for any type of sport, including bicycling, skating, gymnastics, volleyball, handball, dancing, etc. Their sports apparel should be durable yet soft, featuring their favourite designs and colours for them to love wearing it. In some cases, they might also need a garment carrier to keep their clothes ready for stage.

There are various kinds of sports apparel you can buy for your little girl. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used pieces.

Tees & Tank Tops

Tees and tank tops are an inseparable and inevitable part of kids’ summer sportswear. Choose them wisely to make them pair easily with girls sport shorts, pants, leggings, jackets, and hoodies. When buying tees for your girl, choose a fabric that doesn’t irritate your child’s sensitive skin. To ensure that, turn over the shirt to check the stitching on the inside part. Also, make sure that the stitched parts are neatly folded to reduce any chances of irritation. The neck and the sleeves should have enough room to make it easier for your girl to put them on without any hassle.


Sports Shorts

Kids love engaging their legs in activities like jumping, running, cycling or playing some sport (handball, volleyball, football, etc.). For this reason, there is a range of girls sport shorts to choose from, made specifically to adhere to the various leg movements used in different sports activities. Some sports shorts for girls have a couple of layers of thin netted fabric lining to wick off sweat from the skin and to warm up the body.

Good choices of girl sports shorts are the ones made from a stretchy polyester fabric mixed with spandex. Wondering what is the advantage of polyester clothes? Polyester clothing is made out of plastic fibres, which means it is lightweight, wrinkle-free, breathable, and long-lasting. It is non-absorbent, which means it doesn’t absorb sweat, instead, it’s left to dry on its own on the exterior of the material. The high strength and durability it displays also make this fibre a popular choice for sportswear. High-strength polyester fibres can withstand the strong and repetitive movements of athletes.

Now, wondering what are the advantages of spandex? Well, spandex is prized for its elasticity. Spandex is also called lycra or elastane. This fabric can stretch from 5 to 8 times its normal size. Pure spandex is not commonly used in garments, only small quantities are woven into other synthetic or organic fibres.

Another popular choice for making sportswear is nylon (also in combination with spandex). This fibre is adequate for activewear because it is stretchy, quick-drying, and mildew resistant. Plus, it is breathable.


Leggins are quite versatile clothing items for little girls. You can either wear them as sportswear or as everyday wear. This activewear improves the look of any outfit you pair it with. There is a wide selection of printed or blank coloured sports leggings to choose from that will make your little girl look more stylish. When choosing leggings, it’s also important to pay attention to their stretch-ability. The ideal pair of leggings should withstand leg movements without losing their original shape. Leggings can be also worn under sports shorts to provide enough coverage and protect your girl from the elements.



A hoodie will add an extra layer of warmth during days when the weather is unpredictable. On such days, it’s good for your girl to always have a hoodie in her garment carrier, just in case it gets cold outside. When choosing a hoodie, go for one made from soft materials like fleece and cotton-polyester blends that feel soft on the skin. The hoodie should be large enough to cover your child’s neck and head comfortably.


There is no footwear more comfortable for participating in sporting activities than trainers. Of course, there are a few exceptions for particular sports, such are hiking shoes for hiking, ballet shoes for doing ballet, and roller skates for skating.

There are different types of trainers adequate for doing sporting activities, which are classified according to the type of activity. For instance, there are special trainers for running, for walking, cleats for football, court shoes designed for tennis, volleyball and basketball, etc.

It’s important that your girl has the proper sports shoes for her chosen sport in order to prevent foot injury. Wearing the right shoes will give her feet, ankles, and knees the support required when landing and running.