August 26, 2022 / by Emma Jones

Due to the massive growth of the electric skateboarding scene in Australia, there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone zooming down the street on a board with a smile on their face. Electric skateboards are fun, healthy for the body and mind, and simple to use. In addition, they’re a great alternative to cars for daily travel since many Aussies find themselves shelling out more than $2,500 annually for each vehicle they own.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered how an electric skateboard works, how to ride one, or what factors to consider when picking the best one for your needs.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

An electric skateboard, as the name suggests, is battery-based and operated by a remote. The motor activates, giving you a boost when you press the acceleration trigger on the remote, allowing you to cruise over rugged terrain and climb hills without having to kick push. You only need to pull the braking trigger to come to a stop. Nice and simple!

Electric Skateboard

The vast skateboard Evolve range includes a remote that pairs with the board over Bluetooth. The rider can view diagnostic data and control the speed, riding modes, braking, and acceleration. You can ride the never-ending wave in your backyard without waiting for the ideal swell or snow conditions.

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard?

When someone buys an electric skateboard, it’s often their first time going into the e-skating world. While all board sports involve leaning into your toe and heel edges to turn, riding an electric skateboard is more straightforward than traditional longboarding because you don’t have to kick or push to maintain balance.

And, it’s super fun, as every Evolve board’s double king set-up empowers you to carve and get those tight turns. Whether going uphill or downhill, electric longboards allow you to maintain a constant speed at which you are comfortable. So, in a sense, riding an electric skate gives people a lot more confidence than riding a traditional longboard.

Find an empty parking lot or street to practice in at first. As the stance is crucial in board sports, just like any other activity, find your own by getting your back foot parallel to the rear wheels. Afterwards, use the remote control’s SAFE mode to get a feel for it before increasing speed. Lean forward and press the acceleration trigger. Put some weight on your back leg as you brake, and don’t forget to put on your protective gear.

What Should I Look for in an Electric Skateboard?

When choosing the best electric longboard for your needs, budget and lifestyle from the skateboard Evolve options, there are a few things to consider.

Evolve Electric Skateboards


Nobody wants to experience range anxiety. The following considerations should be clear in your mind when selecting an electric skateboard:

  • What will you be doing with the board? Carving/Fun? Commuting?
  • How far do you typically want to travel in a single trip without considering the distance?

To give you an idea, the Hadean Carbon Street has a battery range of up to 40 miles, compared to the Stoke Board’s maximum of 10 miles. On the other hand, the Stoke board has a battery convenient for travel. Although there is a significant difference between range capability and other features, neither option is necessarily superior to the other. Everything depends on what you’re looking for.


Some boards will get you from point A to point B, and some are just a pure joy to ride. Consider the wheels and trucks and how this board would operate without the electrical setup. A high-quality longboard with a motor isn’t similar to an electric skateboard available off the shelf. The performance of the wheels is essential for the overall ride.


When deciding on an electric skateboard that will meet your needs and provide the best ride, weight can be a determining factor. The board’s weight won’t be a problem if you plan to drive to a remote location to ride off-road and explore.

black evolve electric skateboard

However, you must consider weight and portability if you plan to use it for transportation, store it under your desk while working, or use it during your commute. The Evolve board Stoke would be a better option for you in this situation. Check out the Evolve GTR Series or Hadean Series if weight isn’t a concern for you. Remember, you can always kick-push the Evolve boards if you run out of power.


Always compare similar items when comparing price and budget. Keep in mind that:

  • Lead acid is cheaper than lithium.
  • Compared to Chinese off-the-shelf boards, professionally branded skate parts are more expensive and of much higher quality.
  • An extensive range indicates the use of a more expensive battery.

The electric skateboard market has a significant price and material gap. As a general rule, “you get what you pay for.” Additionally, it’s a good idea to read reviews and look up the company’s history of operations.

Spare Parts and Support

As with any technical product, you want to know that the company will support you after the sale. The last thing you want is to find yourself stuck with a broken skateboard in your shed because no parts are available, or the manufacturer closed up the business, which is quite common in the tech sector, believe it or not.

There are so many manufacturers of electric skateboards today. People buy the wrong e-boards because they only look at the spec sheet when deciding which one to purchase. But service support is one of the most crucial elements.

To ensure that your board arrives flawless, quickly, and prepared to shred, every Evolve board goes through a meticulous quality control process. This brand has spent more than ten years developing a network that serves more than 45 countries with the thought local customer support is crucial. Being the only electric vehicle retailer with a 12-month warranty, saying that no other e-skate brand possesses that isn’t self-absorbed.