August 04, 2016 / by Emma Jones

There’s no woman on Earth who does not enjoy the comfort and luxury of well designed and elegant pieces of lingerie. Nevertheless, many women have a hard time finding the right piece that will perfectly fit their body type. For that reason we have complied a list of the most common body types and the types of lingerie we think fits them best. If you choose to buy lingerie online, then make sure you select a trustworthy supplier that offers quality products and customer service. Once you find the right shopping station, here is how to choose the lingerie that will fit your body like a second skin.


If you are a girl with a slim figure, you can easily find a variety of sexy lingerie. For girls with fewer curves, there are models of underwear that draw attention to the right places. Depending on your needs, if the lingerie does not need to lay perfectly under your clothes, you can choose a model with ruffles on the cups. These models are quite powerful in drawing attention while at the same time enhancing the size of your breasts.


There is a perfect match for everyone. Having more curves does not mean you won’t be able to find yourself sexy pieces of underwear to indulge in. Plus, you should never compromise on comfort as well. The best choice for curvy girls are full coverage bras because they offer great support. However, if this type is not your preferred choice, you can opt for lingerie with a demi cup. This way you can still show off your curves without losing the supportive fit. When looking for a lingerie bottom, try the high-waist fit, since this style looks amazing on a curvy figure.

Pear shaped

With this shape it is important to draw attention to the right places. Lingerie that downplays your hips and puts more emphasis on your breasts is the perfect choice for a pear shaped body. If you are looking for more support than the bra can offer, our recommendation is to opt for structured lingerie set that will lift your chests and cover the bottom. Speaking of bottoms, boyshorts are also a great choice as they give you a lot of coverage without losing that flirty feel.


Girls with an athletic body shape should look for lingerie that comes with a lot of details. Lace is a choice you can never go wrong with. The right choice of bra and matching pants can easily change you from an athletic fit girl to feminine. Women with an athletic figure will benefit from fitting bottoms as they give more shape to narrow hips and hug your curves.

There are amazing lingerie options available on the market. What is important when looking to buy lingerie online is to keep in mind the type of your body and stick to the models that will best suit your shape and show your best features.