December 14, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Designing a bathroom might require more thought and effort than designing any other room in your home. When it comes to bathroom renovations, it’s not always about handling the plasterer, plumber, and flooring installer. There are easier ways to remodel your bathroom without getting out the sledgehammer. However, such things need your artistic touch, such as selecting the appropriate bathroom pieces to create a gorgeous space. With so many bathroom layout ideas to pick from, how you plan your new bathroom will be determined by a variety of things.

But before you start, one bathroom dilemma you may face is deciding whether to include a shower or a tub in your space. Perhaps none of the factors that go into a bathroom renovation will have as much of an influence as the decision to add a tub or a shower alone. While shower/tub configurations have long been popular, the current bathroom renovation trend is to remove the matchup and replace it with a freestanding bathtub.

Luxury Freestanding Baths


Let’s face it, whether you choose to renovate your bathroom with modern or classic elements, a freestanding bath would add flair to any type of space. Freestanding baths create a powerful design statement in space and come in an astounding range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to completely tailor the look of your bathroom. Plus, these tubs are very stylish and eye-catching. They also give a more visually appealing focus to your bathroom than other drop-in tubs and are priced fairly in comparison to the other alternatives on the market. Everything from copper and nickel to acrylic and cast iron, there is a truly wide selection of baths online Australia stores offer.

The Oval Bathtub

The oval bathtub, in contrast to the more traditional clawfoot style, is a modern twist of the same. These bathtubs are spherical and symmetrical in design, and they have a more contemporary style that nicely contrasts against some sharper corners and edges you might have in your bathroom.

The Angled Bathtub

Finally, the angled style is for individuals who desire something a little different from the angled or conventional design. An angled bathtub has one side that is somewhat higher than the other, with the goal of offering back and neck support while bathing. These are highly adaptable in size and can be the same size as an oval bathtub or larger than both the oval and regular freestanding designs.

The Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot baths were a sign of social status and wealth in the early 1800s. To reflect the design trends of the period, their designs were elaborate, with long, sloping backs and more ornate feet. As homeowners want to differentiate their designs and add more luxury to their homes, the tendency nowadays is to return to the days of elegance that marked early clawfoot tubs. Instead of the cookie-cutter bathtub designs prevalent in most houses, modern home designers are opting for soaking tubs that stand alone. While these tubs were initially composed of strong cast iron, today’s versions of baths online Australia shops offer are usually made of acrylic or fibreglass.

Ample Storage Vanities and Cabinets

In addition to functioning as a sink mount and providing significant storage and surface space, the bathroom vanity will be the second focal point of your bathroom. Your vanity selection may have a significant influence on your bathroom makeover. The design and form may make it a subtle accent or a focal point in your bathroom. A well-designed vanity may improve the appearance of an antiquated bathroom and help it become a space you like using.

It is essential that you take the time to figure out what size vanity you will need. You should select a size that is proportional to the quantity of available floor space. Check that your present flow of traffic and movement is pleasant when constructing a bespoke vanity for your bathroom. If the response is positive, keep it in the same manner. If, on the other hand, your range of motion is restricted or overly open, make the necessary adjustments. Ranging from narrow cabinets that hold a small sink to expansive double-wide cabinets that hold a double sink and a countertop, there is a truly wide range of bathrooms vanity choices online and brick and mortar stores offer.

Selecting tapware that complements the rest of the room is a terrific way to connect a new vanity into your bathroom decor. Choose characteristics that complement the appearance of other fixtures and accessories. Make sure your fixtures are at a height and depth that makes them easy to operate while minimizing splashback.

Elegant Basins


At the end of the day, your bathroom sink mount design might not seem to be significant, but it is. The basin you choose will have a big influence on the overall appearance and use of the bathroom space for years to come. If the basin is in a family bathroom, it may have to accommodate two or three people at once while still being pleasant and comfortable to use. If space isn’t an issue then you’ll be able to select from a much wider range of sizes and designs.

When you start looking for bathroom basins, there is a list of things you’ll have to take into consideration such as the shape, the colour and material of the sink, but most importantly the way that it’s mounted. Do you want your sink to be freestanding or wall-mounted, to sit on a counter or to be fitted into a surface? There are alternatives for every bathroom out there.

Freestanding Basins

Freestanding basins feature exquisitely sculpted forms and can be used alone or in pairs. They take up more floor area than a pedestal and have a bigger presence, making them ideal for larger bathrooms.

Wall-Mounted Basins

Because the floor below is visible, wall-mounted bathroom basins perform the same space-expanding effect as semi-pedestal sinks. The ability to put a wall-hung basin at the appropriate height for either a tall adult or a child to utilize is a compelling argument to do so. Choose a metallic bottle trap to complement the piping underneath.

Semi-Recessed Basins

Semi-recessed basins are intended to be installed with the rear portion set into a work surface or bathroom furniture and the front section protruding from the setting. Choose one if you enjoy the notion of having countertop space around the sink but don’t want to lose the basin’s curves or angles as a focal point.

Countertop Basins

Countertop basins are becoming a popular choice in both modern and traditional bathrooms, thanks to their minimalist feel, simplistic nature and easy-ish installation. Countertop basins are intended to be placed on top of the bathrooms vanity or cabinetry. They form an eye-catching feature and can be used to add a contrasting material or finish to your wooden countertop. They can be bowl-shaped, oval-shaped, rectangular-shaped, or square-shaped.

Mirrors Make Bathrooms


Along with the bath, vanity cabinets and basins, a bathroom mirror is one of the well-needed bathroom components. Without a stylish mirror, your bathroom would feel and look incomplete. When selecting a bathroom mirror, it is essential to consider both the functionality and dimensions of the same. This will bring balance to your bathroom and eliminate the need for an over or undersized mirror.

The basic guideline is that if the mirror is to be placed over your sink or vanity unit, it should not be broader than the unit. Consider purchasing your mirror at the same time as your vanity unit so that it is fitted to match the sink. Whether you’re talking about a master bathroom, a guest bathroom, or a tiny half bath, placing mirrors strategically will make the area appear larger and more open. With so many advantages and possibilities associated with mirrors in the bathroom, it only makes sense to incorporate one into your bathroom layout.