May 04, 2023 / by Danny Mavis

Where’s the beef?! For years there has been a battle between carnivores and omnivores. Today let’s call a truce, coming together for what we love and that’s well-cooked food.

Whether you feel like you need meat to survive or prefer only vegetables how you cook them is important. I invite you to look with me into the world of gas smokers. All of these tips can be used for getting delicious results whether you’re cooking meat or veggies.

But First, What’s So Special About Gas Smokers?

There are many reasons to buy an outdoor gas smoker over a traditional grill.

outdoor gas smoker
  • Gas smokers can reach high temperatures and maintain it;
  • They’re easy to transport and weigh around 23.8 kg to 92.8 kg;
  • Less effort is required to start cooking, and no need for charcoal or wood pellets push to ignite. Gas smokers only use propane;
  • Easy to clean and maintain. If anything breaks it can be fixed;
  • Can be used in all weather conditions;
  • The smoker keeps the juices intact so the food doesn’t dry out;
  • Beginner friendly for the new smoker enthusiast with minimal effort needed.

How to Pick One

Finding the right outdoor gas smoker for you comes down to a few things: price, space, and why you want one. You can get one for a cheap price but is the quality worth it? Quality is essential in a good smoker.

That said, read, read, read reviews, I can’t stress that enough. Reviews are honest ways to see how other people felt about each product. Talk with friends who already own one to see what works for them. Perhaps they can give you the guidance you need.

Think about the product’s features. For instance, do you want porcelain, cast iron, or a window to see while it cooks? Get to the root of what you want.

Size is also something to think about as space may not always be on your side. Some gas smokers are 80.2x 52.2 x 145 cm, while others are 80 cm x 128 x 188cm (W x D x H). The difference in these measurements is noticeable. Since most smaller-sized smokers are vertical, they store very well in any part of the backyard.

You should also ask yourself – “Do I want my gas smoker to be the highlight of my yard or more of an accessory?”. Smaller gas smokers are great for those wanting to take their culinary skills on the road.

Supplies to Get You Started

When cooking outside, you want to reduce the need to run back and forth. Worse yet, if you packed up the car planning to have a bbq 2 hours away from home and forget the spices… yikes!

For all meals you plan to prepare, a good knife is essential. One that is sharp and can slice your veggies or meat (no discrimination) like butter, like for instance a Japanese knife.

A meat thermometer is also a must. The right temperature of the meat is not only good for taste but also keeps you and your loved ones from getting sick. Poultry, which includes chicken, duck, and turkey, should reach 70 degrees Celsius. Meats like beef, pork, and ham should be around 65 degrees Celsius.

Don’t forget some sturdy cooking tongs and a block board to help you while preparing food. Top the list off with black disposable gloves to use when handling meat and keep your hands clean. The gloves also make you look just like the master griller you are or want to be. And don’t forget the “Kiss the Cook” apron.

Recipes That Go Beyond

What can you throw on the smoker? The answer is anything. Brisket, pork, chicken wings, beer can chicken, and deviled eggs can all be cooked in the gas smoker.

outdoor gas smoker

Some things you might not have thought of are smoked cheese, mac & cheese, and vegetables such as corn, green beans, and potatoes. The perfect smoked flavour on top. Beyond the usual ideas are some crispy and delicious desserts such as Cherry Cobbler Dessert and Apple Bourbon Crisp.

How about a smoked cocktail? Yes, that is a thing. To make classic drinks like the Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary you can smoke ice and smoke honey. Let’s Smoke it! Oh, the many options with an outdoor gas cooker!

Whether you call yourself a cooker or a non-cooker, practice makes perfect. Just because the first time isn’t perfect doesn’t mean the next won’t be. To be a better cook means to be a better student. Just keep trying and experimenting.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Cook slowly but be sure to keep your food away from direct contact with flames.
  • If you smell gas this isn’t normal, turn all knobs off and inspect to find a leak.
  • Cold smoking is a great method for salmon and cheese you just need a lid.
  • You can use your gas cooker all year round. Plug in the outside heater and cook away. Try to make sure you have a cooker with proper insulation to maintain temperature even in the winter season.

Is a Gas Smoker For Me?

Yes, it is for everyone. Though some preparation is involved, once you start it does the work itself. Your outcome will be flavourful and juicy meals and perfect smoked veggies that will have all our guest drooling. Be the BBQ king or queen you want to be. Once you start this way of cooking, you will be hooked, trust me!