June 12, 2019 / by Emma Jones

Carrying on the love for the art of dance is not enough for being a true dancer. Regardless of the type of dance one prefers, having some of the most important dance clothes basics is a must. In fact, they are the key, the missing piece of the puzzle that can turn a dancer from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether for practising in the studio, performing in the spotlight or just for goofing around with friends, having the needed types of dance essentials can help one accentuate her moves.

Wrap Skirt

Whether a ballerina, salsa, flamingo or tap dance performer, a wrap skirt can help one accentuate the outfit while giving complete freedom of movement. One thing is certain, regardless of the length, these types of asymmetrical skirts can complete the performer’s dance ensemble. They are available in a range of colours and materials, however, the sheer and lace ones are the most commonly used types among dance performers. They are usually paired with a leotard or crop top.

Crop Top

Without any doubt, crop tops are one of the most popular types of dance tops that can provide a great degree of flexibility to the dancer. The crop top dance costume outfits are ideal for both rehearsals and performances as they can provide one with the needed flexibility without compromising on style. Whether looking for a wrap crop top, bra top, with or without sleeves crop top, women can find a range of them available on the market. The key is to look for crop top models that are constructed with attention to detail. Simply put, they need to be made of quality material in order to withstand the intense demands of the dancer’s routine. Unlike wrap skirts that are extremely comfortable and lightweight, crop tops can be trickier as not all materials and models can provide the needed comfort. Thus, paying attention to the material, length size and type of model is crucial for choosing crop tops. When it comes to the bottom part of the crop top dance costume, they are usually paired with both leggings and skirts of all types.


The ideal one-piece type of garment designed for all types of dances is the leotard. This essential and all-purpose type of apparel was named by its designer, the French acrobatic performer Jules Leotard. It is available in a range of types, designs and prints, so one can choose between a sleeveless leotard, short or long-sleeved one. Just like the other types of dance basic clothing, leotards can be made from a range of different materials, the key is to choose one that is stretchable and comfy. Thanks to their close fitting design and comfiness, leotards can be paired with any type of bottom.


The last but not least type of basic dance apparel are the leggings. Be it for a ballerina, modern dance dancer, or salsa performer, leggings can be a great addition to any dancer’s wardrobe. They are great for rehearsals as can provide one with the needed comfort. This is because they are usually made out of flexible, soft and resilient material that won’t show any signs of sweat. As a plus, leggings can be easily transformed from activewear to a daily wear type of clothing.