March 04, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

It’s normal and rational to worry about our possessions, especially if they’re not in a place we have control over. And one possession that we all worry about is our car. Some of us do our best to make our driving experience safer by using quality lights for better vision, for example. While those who want to improve the performance turn to the aftermarket exhausts, engine parts and similar upgrades. But, despite all of these improvements, they’re worthless if something happens to our cars. What’s to guarantee that once we leave our car somewhere, it will be safe? After all, here in Australia, motor vehicle theft isn’t rare. Or, if our loved ones are driving, how can you make sure that they’re safe and you can find them if something bad happens?

If you’re scared of these possibilities and want to take extra measures, you can buy a vehicle tracking system, aka a GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and it’s a satellite-based radio navigation system that allows you to have geolocation and time information of the GPS receiver you’re using. There are many reasons and benefits to get one, which I’ll discuss in this article.

car driving with gps turned on

Reasons to Use a GPS Tracker


As previously mentioned, the primary reasons why to use a tracking system are safety and security. If you have a vehicle tracking system, you can monitor where your car is at all times. You won’t have to worry when you’ve got a lot of work or if you’re out on a date downtown, you can rest assured your car is safe and sound. But, if something does happen and someone steals it, your system will track your car wherever they go.

In line with this, they can be of great help in an emergency. If you’ve had an accident, you can use the location on your system to tell the emergency personnel where you are. Furthermore, if by some chance you have no way to contact anyone in an accident, they can trace your location through the GPS.

Fuel, Routes and Diagnostics

You can further take advantage of a GPS tracker for car by checking your fuel consumption the best driving routes. Although you might need to get a GPS device with more features, which will cost more, you’ll get a return on investment by cutting fuel costs down the road.

gps location

Additionally, the GPS can also check the “health” of your car. If you need to repair something, it will send you an alert to notify you. Furthermore, you can get access to information like how long a trip lasted, how fast you drove, average speed, and much more.


If you’re running a business with an entire fleet of vehicles, then a tracking device can be helpful in many ways. However, this does require that your tracking software can track multiple vehicles. This will allow you to monitor the performance and operations of your employees. For example, instead of having to call your employees every time and asking them where they are, you can see on the software. Additionally, you can improve customer service, as you can give your customer the driver’s exact location and arrival time.

Features and Their Benefits

When choosing a car tracker, you must consider the technical features different models are equipped with. For this part, I’ll use Ultimate9’s LiveTrack tracker as an example, as it has shown results in the field and has many great attributes, fulfilling all of the characteristics I’ll go over.

General Features

In this part, I will focus on universal features that are present throughout every GPS. First, you should always check the size and see whether it’s compact and portable. The smaller the GPS is, the less noticeable it will be. If someone breaks into your car, they might not even see it if it perfectly blends and doesn’t take up too much space. The LiveTrack MiniTracker is a perfect example of this. It’s super small, even smaller than the size of your hand.

Other characteristics to look out for are the battery and the difficulty of installation. The LiveTrack Minitracker, for instance, requires no setup, and as such, you don’t have to connect or install it. On the downside, its battery only lasts four days. On the other hand, the Stealth has a two-wire install. One of the two is attached to a power source like your vehicle’s lighter plug, so it always has power.

Location Tracking, Sharing, and History

It might come as redundant to say that you must make sure that your tracking system has these features, but you should still check how they work. The monitoring should be easy, accessible, and real-time. Some systems aren’t real-time, but they do have updates on the location in regular intervals. Also, it should be easy for you to share your location. If it’s a complicated procedure with many steps, it’s not going to help you in many situations.

location tracker

Furthermore, some trackers come with an entire history of where you’ve been, so it’s an easy way to check if there are irregularities with the use of your car, like your children driving it without your permission, for example.

Alerts, Notifications, Sensors

Some GPS trackers for cars come with extra features, and they notify you if anything’s happening. One such feature is the integrated geo-fence system. By using it, you set up a virtual boundary for your tracker. If the tracker moves outside of the boundary’s border you’ll immediately get an alert.

Simply put, you should always feel safe when it comes to your car. If you’re looking for the ideal GPS for your vehicle with all the features possible, then LiveTrack is the best option for you. They’re easy to install and compact, and they’re equipped with all the necessary features such as real-time location and other security features.