December 12, 2016 / by Emma Jones

It’s undeniable that technology has changed the world for the better, taking all the simplicities and possibilities it’s helped create in life. And yet, despite all this, there’s also no point denying the changes for the worse as well. Nowadays, most of us live rather solitary lives, caught up in our own worlds either because of lack of time or lack of finances and the preference of staying in the company of electronics. Not only has this made us alienate from others in a way, but it’s also alienated us from nature. If you want to get back on the right track and spend as much time with nature as possible you don’t have to undertake outstanding trips but you can do so from your very home thanks to gardening.

Once you go gardening, you never go back! Since we’ve lost touch with the essence of life, it is this pastime activity that can teach us how to sustain ourselves and not depend on processed foods but rather grow our own fresh and highly nutritious produce. Most of us allow for the excuse of a lack of space to take over the desire to start gardening, but with the revolutionary concept of creating urban gardens, growing plants is getting back to being part of people’s lives. Great thing about all this is you can have your own greenery anywhere at home, just choose from the vast choices of patio planter pots, pick the seeds and get your hands dirty. It’s good to know there are those types of planters that even rid you of your watering duty with their built-in reservoir.

The important thing to bear in mind when choosing the patio planter pots is to choose accordingly to the plants they are intended for because of the differences in their needs. For instance, ornamental plants require much less space for their proper root growth than vegetables. As much as it’s the perfect opportunity for making organic foods part of your daily diet, you get to save on money as well and avoid expenditures on fertilisers by trying out composting. This way you don’t just stay healthy but leave a smaller carbon footprint also. Nothing can quite replace gardening since you never get the produce fresh when you buy from stores and that affects flavour and the condition of nutrients.

Don’t be surprised if you get to turn this into your hobby soon after you try out your green thumb skills. Along with having fresh food on your plate and getting the inner peace and relaxation while gardening, you also get to teach your kids valuable lessons on why it’s crucial to stay connected to nature.