December 25, 2018 / by Emma Jones

In a world of choices, we tend to have a general affinity for particular ones. Let me use it in an example: while there are many interior designs, the classic Hamptons is still very much in style. It shouldn’t be a surprise, however, it’s the easy-going look that wins over any time. Who doesn’t like to come home to a vibe of relaxation?

It’s modern, it’s simple yet luxurious and can fill your abode with summer flair year-long! Now, maybe you can afford to get a full interior makeover, maybe not, but there is a way to incorporate the design in every room so you can enjoy the beautiful sight of cosiness and relaxation and immerse in it.

Kitchen and Dining Room

White Hamptons Dining Room

Though the living room gets most of the traffic in a home, as the room that gets visitors, the food area is not to be underestimated either. We spend a great deal of our lives eating and preparing meals, so why not add a little bit of Hampton dining room magic, inviting brightness in with the help of white table and dining chairs.

If you’re up for the old charm, then cross back chairs are the ideal option. You can get an immediate uplift that would stand out more by adding contrast using the walls and flooring. For example, painting the walls white would bring more of the Hamptons look yet the dark flooring can emphasise it even further, so instead of white floorboards go for dark brown.

Considering it’s the kitchen and dining part of your home, the addition of buffet or sideboard is more than welcome, along with the Hampton dining room table set, which is where rattan comes to light. Other than sturdiness and durability, rattan is refined so whether you go for a full rattan design or one where it’s partially incorporated (e.g. rattan baskets) is up to you, both options are great.

Living Room

Coastal Living Room

What I love about pieces like the sideboards is they are perfect for any interior setting you can think of, so if you decide to get rid of them in the dining area, then you can easily find their purpose in the living room – there’s always need for more storage here and what better way to hide away the clutter than by seaside drawers.

You don’t have to go on a furniture shopping spree for this room in case your budget is limited; accessories can be the trick up your sleeve in getting the coastal look starting from throws and cushions. Depending on the colour of preference, you could choose some warmer shades of white and brown or go for something bright like turquoise.

A bit of bouquets here and there around the sofa and on the coffee table would come in handy for a fresh outcome, and you can wrap it up by placing them on woven trays.


Blue Bedroom

Blue is a calming colour, and when it comes to your sleeping oasis, you can’t have enough of it. Try adding different shades of it in different layers, so you get plenty of blue textures with the bedding, rugs and curtains. As for white, even if it’s not the furniture, your decorating pieces would help you pull off the look. This can be done with picture frames, candles, books, magazines, souvenirs and lamp.