September 12, 2022 / by Emma Jones

Your décor accessories have the purpose of improving the look and feel of your home indeed. However, there are some types of hardware that may pass the test of looking like home accessories, only that they have a totally different purpose. The decorative door stopper is one such example.

What Is the Purpose of Door Stops?

Door stoppers are essential hardware pieces that can prevent doors or door handles from damaging the wall next to them. They will not only keep the wall and paint intact, but they’ll also help you avoid the need to repair or replaster the wall. Parents particularly will find these stoppers helpful, since children are clumsy, and they can literally create a hole in the walls by slamming the doors when in a hurry.

What Are the Different Types of Door Stops?

Truth be told, there is a large selection of appealing door stops for sale available on the market which will make your search easier and more pleasant. While all of them differ in appearance, size, shape, material and finish, their purpose stays the same – to protect the wall. You can mainly choose from these types:

 different types of door stops

Baseboard Stoppers

Baseboard stoppers are among the most popular and most commonly used stoppers for doors on the market. Also known as gate bumpers, they usually have a rubber tip and are firmly attached to the door’s baseboard. The rubber tip of these stops is great in reducing the sound of the door once it hits the wall with its handle/knob.

white baseboard spring doorstop

Aside from choosing one of the many flexible (spring-loaded) types of baseboard door stops for sale on the market, you can also opt for a stiff door stop. Both of these stops are great, and aside from serving their purpose to protect the wall, they’ll also protect the doorknob or handle from scratches and further damage.

Floor Stoppers

As the name suggests, these stoppers are designed for being installed on the floor beneath the entrance. However, you have all the freedom to install them wherever you want. When added on the floor, they are less visible, which makes them the ideal choice for those of you who want to see smooth and sleek doors or walls. Usually, these stoppers are made of small metal arches, however, it isn’t strange to see a floor-mounted stopper that has rubber wedges.

Magnetic Stoppers

Magnetic gate stoppers are considered the most flexible and easily adaptable designs. These stoppers are created to be installed on the edge of the floor or wall where the strong magnetic force keeps the gate wide open, preventing it from hitting the wall and causing damage. You should also keep in mind that aside from being installed on the wall or floor, in rare cases this stopper also allows for being installed on the door itself.

Wedge Stoppers

In case you don’t want to poke holes in the wall or floor, you can always invest in a wedge stopper too because this stopper doesn’t require installation. These stoppers are portable and can be used on any door. As the name implies, they’re designed to go under the door to prevent it from moving. The best part of all is that they are extremely decorative and appealing which will allow you to choose just the right size, type, and finish.

wedge block stopper

How to Choose the Right for You?

Generally speaking, stoppers for doors are available in numerous materials out of which stainless steel, rubber and nickel are among the most commonly used materials. All of them differ in appearance and quality, however, when used as stoppers, each of them offers some benefits. So, choosing the right one should be based on your home décor.

Taking this into account, a stopper with a satin silver finish looks more elegant and sophisticated, and can go almost with any type of setting which isn’t the case with the old wooden stoppers. Polished stainless steel and satin stainless steel are the ideal choices for chic, modern, and contemporary homes.

That being said, you can choose from matte black, anthracite, chrome, white and many other colours and finish options. The idea is to choose stoppers that will meet both your personal needs and the home décor. Even though some of the stoppers are extremely small, still, they’re visible, enough so choosing ones that will complement the look of your home is fundamental.

All of these stoppers can be found at online stores that specialise in door hardware. By shopping online, you’ll be able to compare different stoppers coming from the same or different stores at the same time. This will help you have easier access to all information like quality, material, dimensions, and price. Being able to see all of this at once will help you make the right choice in a shorter period of time.