December 05, 2016 / by Emma Jones

All of the sudden the whole world seems to have started turning green. We live in an era of natural reawakening and that gives us a whole new faith in humanity. People are pinning gardening tips on Pinterest and liking all kinds of green posts and photos on Facebook and Instagram. It even became “cool” to own your own garden! Now that’s a trend I’d actually love to follow. And to fulfill all our modern needs, the manufacturers made possible what years ago was unimaginable: owning a planter garden. Almost anything can be grown in a planter as long as you give your potted plants the same amount of love and care you would give to a regular garden.

Plastic Planter

Planters are not just a big help for those who don’t own a big backyard and want a garden, but they are also really functional and add up to the outside décor. The big white planter is my ultimate favorite! Their design is minimalist, modern and they are the perfect decorative accent to my small, green garden. Looking after your planter garden shouldn’t be hard if you do it properly. Although the plants should be taken care of equally as the ones that are growing in a regular garden, there are a few secrets that every planter garden owner needs to know. If you’ve decided you want to follow the “green trend”, beautify your backyard and start eating homegrown food, you should learn all the little tricks if you want your garden to work. Before purchasing a white planter (if you trust me when I say those are the perfect match for whatever is going on in your backyard) you have to know what you’d like to plant. Although most of the planters are suitable for veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers, you’ll notice that some of them are specialized. With these modern planters everyone can be a farmer because they are adapted to the modern man’s needs.

Once you’ve wisely chosen the planter, get started on the soil. Choosing the right soil will be of a paramount importance for the final result. You can’t grow a beautiful flower or a juicy tomato with any kind of soil. Ideally everyone could just shovel directly from the garden into the planters and grow full and healthy plants, but that’s not the case. Garden soil is usually very heavy and contains too much clay which is not so good for planter gardening. And don’t forget to add some fertilizers in the soil! You can find a variety of organic or non-organic fertilizers that will make your soil increase its fertility. However the quality packed soil mixes already have some dose of fertilizers in them, so make sure you carefully read what they contain.

Planter gardening requires more watering than regular gardening. During heat waves and in dry climates this means watering daily, but let’s all thank technology for making our lives easier yet again because most of the modern planters are self-watering, the feature that will reduce your watering duty to once or twice a week. How cool is that, right? Also don’t forget that besides water, sun is the other source of all life, so don’t place your plants under a shade and away from the sun’s rays. Happy growing!