September 13, 2021 / by Danny Mavis

Dogs enjoy sleeping in a comfortable and secure area just like we do. Quality sleep is very important for your dog’s health and wellbeing because that’s the time when its body rests and recovers. A tired dog can easily fall asleep almost anywhere, but having a cosy sleeping area is something your furry friend deserves. A dog bed offers your pooch its own personal space to sleep or just relax whenever needed. There are many different types of dog beds out there and you need to make sure you choose the right one for your pet.

Different Types of Dog Beds

Outdoor Dog Beds

As the springtime comes and the weather gets warmer, you want to spend more time outdoors together with your dog. While dog leads are great for enjoying a safe walk with your pooch , you may want to consider an outside dog bed as well, so your furry friend can take a nap after a long walk or a game of fetch.

When your dog spends much time outdoors, it’s important to have a bed that is well made to stand up to the elements. That’s why it’s important to choose high quality outside dog bed that is made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Water resistance is an important factor to consider when purchasing an outdoor dog bed.

Outdoor dog beds come in many styles, including elevated dog beds, beds with bolsters and tents, and mats. Elevated dog beds are great for most dogs as they allow for airflow and will keep your dog cool and comfortable during the summer, while others provide simple comfort and can be laid on a deck or on the ground under a tree.

Elevated dog beds are one of the owner’s favourite options thanks to their hygiene aspect. Their elevated design keeps the area underneath the bed clean, therefore free of germs. Veen fleas will have trouble reaching your dog as they can’t jump at such height, so your pooch can stay happy and cosy in the yard.

While elevated dog beds offer a lot of benefits, they may not be the best choice for older dogs, especially if your furry friend is suffering from arthritis or other joint issues. In that case, you can opt for an orthopaedic dog bed and provide extra support for your dog’s body.
Most quality outdoor dog beds are equipped with removable and machine-washable covers, so you can clean them easily. Just make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before washing your dog bed.

Dog Snuggle Beds

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Having your dog sleeping in your bed is a lovely thing, but it can be uncomfortable sometimes and often it can disturb your sleep, especially if your dog is turning and tossing around. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your dog share your room by getting them a cosy bed. Dog snuggle beds are some of the best choices for dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.

The comfort level of these dog beds is very high and they are suitable for dogs of any age, from puppies to senior dogs. Also, they are very stylish, so you can easily find one that fits in your home décor and makes a beautiful addition to your home interior.

Most snuggle beds have a rubber bottom that provides extra warmth, so this type of dog beds can easily become your furry friend’s favourite napping spot. They have a pillow edge where your dog can rest its head and enjoy quality sleep.


Buying a mat for your dog is one of the simplest solutions for getting your dog off the floor. Most modern designs feature heat retention and air circulation properties and padding to support dogs’ muscles and joints. You can find mats in different colours, scratch and chew-resistant, and most importantly, non-slippery. They are great for use at home and fit well on different floors surfaces.

How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Dog

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Depending on their age, dogs can sleep between 12 to 18 hours a day and that’s why it’s important to provide them with a space that’s soft, comfortable and supportive. Sleep is important for dogs as it supports developing nerves, muscles and other body systems and helps both younger and older dogs to boost their energy and maintain their health. Implementing a regular sleep routine is important to ensure your dog is getting quality sleep. One of the first steps to achieving this is providing your furry friend with a comfortable sleeping area.

Consider Your Dog’s Size Before Choosing a Dog Bed

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In order to purchase a dog bed that’s an appropriate size for your dog’s sleeping needs, you’ll need to measure your furry friend first. The best time to do this is when they are napping comfortably and not in a deep sleep as you could startle them and they may get up. Wait for them to fall asleep in their favourite sleeping position, take your measuring tape and approach them carefully. Measure your dog’s body length from their nose to the tips of their feet if they prefer sleeping in a stretched-out position. If they like curling up during sleep time, measure only the outside of their body.