May 22, 2018 / by Emma Jones

If your little angel is no longer that little and can confidently sit upright on his/her own, it’s probably high time you started thinking about getting a high chair. With the help of a high chair, your child can join you at the dining table and be a part of the family meals. But most importantly, he/she will be safely seated without any risk of falling. And yeah, your lap will also get the much needed rest. A high chair is no regular chair that you can simply buy from any furniture store. In order to get the best for your child, you need to take some crucial factors into consideration prior to your purchase.


Out of all the requirements a high chair should meet, being 100% safe is without a doubt the most important one. After all, you don’t want your lively toddler to topple over and hurt himself/herself. A harness is an important safety feature that ensures toddlers remain put in their seats. Usually, chairs come with a three-point harness, but a five-point harness is considered much safer. It’s also important that the chair is 100% stable, and in general – the wider the base, the greater stability it will have. To prevent the chair from slipping, always make sure that its legs are properly padded or come with wheels that can be safely locked in place.


Considering how your child will spend long periods of time in the new high chair (whether eating or playing), it’s important that you ensure it’s comfortable enough. Look for a chair with a strong a backrest and a footrest to keep your little one properly supported. Since such hard surfaces can feel uncomfortable, make sure to get ample padding which will act as cushioning. Plus, a designer high chair with padding that matches your kitchen design can also serve as a stylish statement.


With an adaptable high chair, you’ll be able to get great functionality and extend its usage for months or even years. Since babies grow up so fast, having an adjustable seat and straps will allow you to modify the chair according to their size. Plus, a chair with adjustable height can be used anywhere in the house – whether at the dining table or at the kitchen counter. If your baby uses a bottle for feeding, it might be a good idea to purchase a chair with a reclining function.


As the high chair is something you definitely can’t miss in a room, you can at least try to pick the most aesthetically pleasing one. Or, you can go the extra mile and purchase a designer high chair that will serve as a gorgeous decorative statement. As with all furniture pieces, high chairs come in a wide range of trendy styles, such as Scandinavian, traditional, and even rustic. With a few tweaks (removing the harness and the tray), your designer high chair can be transformed into an interesting plant stand once your kid no longer needs it.