July 26, 2020 / by Danny Mavis

When you feel like the space around you is getting smaller, it must be time for a storage solution.

Types of Storage Sheds

Sheds are simple roofed structures, usually installed in the backyards of residential properties. There are many different shapes and sizes of sheds. The following types are some of the most common ones.

Garden Sheds

These have a simple design and are used for storing items like lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, outdoor games, and other items homeowners use in the yard. Garden sheds come in different sizes, from sheds with space for just a few items to sheds for storing larger equipment.

Tool Sheds

Usually featured in a vertical design, they offer storage for tools used for landscaping, gardening and similar activities. A very useful option for putting your tools in order.

Garbage Sheds

If you are trying to keep the trash barrels out of sight, garbage sheds are what you’re looking for. These are ultimate solution for creating a “garbage-free” zone.

Garage Sheds

Typically used for storing vehicles and larger equipment, garage sheds are some of the most functional sheds. Your vehicle(s) will be safe and protected at any time.

Bicycle Sheds

If you’re struggling with finding space to store your bike, there is no better and safer option than a bicycle shed.

A Few Tips on Purchasing a Storage Shed

A storage shed is an investment that will be part of your property for many years. Apart from keeping things organized, it can also add to your living space’s aesthetics. For that reason, you need to consider a few key points when buying home storage sheds.

Number one is checking the requirements for your area. According to the Australian law, many councils allow purchasing and installing a shed that’s 3m x 3m size max and no permit is needed. But there are also some councils that have requirements regarding the building material used and the placement of the shed.

Another thing you need to consider is the entryway. It needs to be wide enough to fit in the largest equipment you’re planning to store.

Storage Sheds Materials

Constructed from various materials, every shed has its own specific look and responds differently to weather conditions.

Wood Storage Sheds

Wood sheds create a very traditional, rustic look and are considered as one of the oldest known sheds. They can be painted in any colour you want to match the surrounding area. They are also easy to modify and suitable for adding shelves and cabinets to increase the storage space. If wood is your choice, consider a thicker type that can stand up to the elements. Remember that wood requires maintenance chores such as repainting and refastening loose parts. Wood is very strong but at the same time vulnerable material. That might be a downside, but if you’re more concerned about your shed’s appearance, then it’s the right one.

Plastic/Resin/Vinyl Sheds

Made of various types of plastic, these sheds are a durable solution for your storage. Plastic is known as a weather-resistant material with low maintenance requirements. And easy to clean, too. They are lighter compared to other materials and can be relocated easily, which is a huge advantage in case of moving or simply changing your mind about the placement of the shed. For better stability, some manufacturers use steel supports and a double-wall construction. Plastic sheds are the newest type of sheds, increasingly popular.

Metal/Steel Sheds

These are highly durable due to the metal framework covered with vinyl-coated or galvanized steel (what the walls and the roof are made of). It’s a beneficial and aesthetic choice that can give a modern approach to your backyard. Metal sheds are also low maintenance and portable. They may not be as attractive as wooden or plastic sheds, but they come in a variety of colours. Require constant prevention from rusting.

Storage Sheds Features & Designs

Depending on the items you are going to store, you’ll need to choose a shed with proper features. For instance, items sensitive to sunlight will be protected if you purchase a shed with no windows. Or think about how frequently you will be using the shed. Then choose the type of door (double or sliding).

Design related, there are many different options. Barn, horizontal, lean-to and portable home storage sheds are considered to be more modern or more popular, while vertical designs are more traditional.

Sheds Accessories

  • Ramps – Used for moving wheeled and heavy equipment in and out of the shed.
  • Shelves – Look for shelves that fit your shed of choice so you can organize various items and prevent clutter.
  • Anchoring Kit – Secures the shed by providing winds protection
  • Windows – Allow higher visibility and provide aesthetics to the overall look.

A Few Tips on Building a Shed

Many storage sheds come with flooring and windows included, which makes the installation process easier. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly, you’ll install the shed kit with success. And a few simple tips will assist you in getting the shed ready to use. First of all, make sure it’s built at a level that provides easy access. Also, pay attention to low areas where water drainage might be an issue. You’ll need a solid foundation to create a functional and durable storage space, like a concrete base. And last, check if you have all the parts needed for assembling before you begin. When it’s done, add some decorative elements and your storage shed is ready to use.