April 18, 2018 / by Danny Mavis

Similarly to how furniture can make a house a home, it can make your office a place where you don’t just work, but also enjoy being productive in. Every piece of furniture in your office can play an important role in increasing your creativity, productivity and overall potential. Great furniture should not only be functional, but also appealing, comfortable, and stylish.

This is certainly one of the few reasons why many offices around the world frequently redecorate their old and boring office spaces and more and more companies are avoiding cubicles. Working in a cubicle is not only boring, but it can also make you uninspired and inefficient. As a matter of fact, when your working environment is dull, this can easily affect your productivity and interest in your job. Even if it’s a home office, getting the right office furniture can make it your favourite room to be in.

As aforementioned, your office furniture should be functional, comfortable and stylish. Add bright colours to lift your mood and alleviate the stress, but more importantly – add modern furniture. A clean and well-organised office will help keep you and the rest of the employees comfortable and productive. On the other hand, a disorganised office is just going to deprive you from the zeal and enthusiasm to get the work at hand completed.

That being said, having everything in place is vital. The things you use frequently, such as the printer and other office accessories, should be kept on an easily accessible place. A lot of people frequently put off work because they need to get up and grab something from another desk or shelf to finish a task. Therefore, good organization not only saves you time, but it also makes you more productive.

Furthermore, you can divide your office space in two parts – a personal and a professional part. You can dedicate one part to completing your tasks, while you can use the other part for leisure purposes and unwinding a bit between projects. That way you get two completely different environments in your office and achieve the perfect balance between your private and professional life. Consequently, this will greatly improve your productivity while working.

Lastly, make the most out of daylight. Offices that don’t have windows have worse efficiency and employee life quality than offices that do have windows. Moreover, natural lighting is proven to improve sleep quality, function and overall efficiency. On average, offices that have windows, allow the people inside them to get about 170% more white light exposure, and get about 45% more sleep at night.