January 21, 2022 / by Emma Jones

After getting engaged, one of the first things brides-to-be do is look for a wedding gown. When they finally say ” yes” to the dress, all the other decisions about their wedding look become much easier. That is because the gown determines many other things that complete the bridal look. For example, the design and neckline of the dress can help the bride and her hairdresser decide the best hairstyle for her big day.

One main part of choosing a bridal hairstyle involves selecting a wedding hair accessory. This small touch has the power to enhance any hairstyle, not to mention that it can serve multiple purposes. A chic hairpin or combo not only is beautiful but can also keep loose strands tucked away from your face, which can be very important for the long-haired brides out there. If you have short hair, these little accessories can still add a special touch to your overall look. If you’re a romantic bride, you can try an embellished floral hairpin. If you’re a bohemian bride, a detailed hair chain will make your guests swoon. If you’re a minimalist bride, a tiny accessory can add major style to your look.

But a hairpin is not the only option you have. From detailed tiaras to combs to crowns, there are many bridal hair piece options to complement your wedding hairstyle. Here is what you’ll want to consider in order to choose a bridal hairpiece that complements your look, theme and personality. 

Your Wedding Dress

wedding dress
source: sophiatolli.com

Your wedding dress is the most important aspect of your overall wedding look. It will set the style for your whole look. A simple wedding dress with no embellishments gives you the freedom to choose any type of accessories you want. A dress with more detailed embellishments, on the other hand, limit your accessory choices. You should also consider the colour of your dress when looking for a wedding hairpiece that also has colour, such as coloured jewels, lace or fabric. 

Your Personal Style

Make sure you consider your personal style as well as the style of your wedding ceremony accessories when choosing your hair accessory. Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with new things, especially things that don’t match your personal style. If your style is more romantic, then a sweet flower comb or a hair vine may suit you beautifully. If you are more of a trendsetter, go for a dramatic statement piece. Make sure to stay true to your personal style to find pieces that really speak to you. 

Your Hairstyle

bride hairstyle
source: weddbook.com

I recommend you hold off on purchasing a headpiece until you’re sure what type of hairstyle you’ll want to wear. It’s also important to take into consideration the thickness of your hair. Your hairstylist may do wonders to attach a headpiece, but if you have thinner hair you may still want to stay away from bulky or heavier pieces that may have a tendency to fall out throughout your wedding day.  

The Colour

Silver is the preferred colour for bridal accessories. While you can never go wrong with a silver accessory know that coloured hair accessories are trendy now, including gold, rose gold and opal. A general rule to follow here is that gold flows best with an ivory, off-white or champagne dress. You also need to make sure to stay consistent. If you choose a gold hair accessory, your bridal jewellery needs to be gold as well. You should also stay consistent with any detail on your dress and the details and colours of your wedding, including your flowers. 

The Type of Hairpiece

With so many options available, it’s easy to get confused about which hair accessory to choose. Let’s take a quick look at your options.

Bridal Hair Clip or Comb

bridal hair comb
source: pinterest.com

These are by far the most popular choices among brides. The many different styles available makes it easy to find something that fits in with the style of your wedding as well as your personal style. These hairpieces work best at accenting an updo in the back or side of the head and can also be worn with hair down and swept to the side. 

Headband or Tiara

Depending on the style, this type of hair accessory can create a beautiful classic look or a dramatic statement. For a more traditional style go with a dainty understated tiara or headband look. If you are looking to make a statement, choose a blinged-out glamorous headband or tiara style. Both of them can work great with any style of hair, including an updo hairstyle, half up half down look or an all down bridal hair. 

Hair Vines

Hair vines are definitely the newest trend in bridal hair accessories. Perfect for a romantic or boho chick look. hair vines can be manipulated and bent into different shapes to accent any hairstyle. It can be twisted around a bridal bun, in the back of a soft braided updo, on the top of your head like a headband. For an even more dramatic look, wear a hair vine across your forehead.