September 19, 2019 / by Danny Mavis

When thinking about children having fun, the first thing that comes to mind is toys. These playthings are one of the most sought-after items for kids as they can keep children of all ages occupied for several hours. However, not all toys are adequate for all ages which is why manufacturers have surpassed themselves regarding creating specific toys for specific age groups. Since play is paramount for the social, physical, mental and emotional development of children, choosing age-appropriate toys should be a priority.

Toys for Different Ages

Newborns to 6 Months

Since the vision of babies is blurry through the first three months of life, they are all about observing movements and toys that make different sounds. The ideal toys for this stage are the ones that can stimulate the senses of sight, sound and touch. Rattles, playmats, teethers, bouncer seats, soft plush toys and everything that is related to kicking, grasping and squeezing would be ideal.

6 to 12 Months

This is the period when babies start to engage and play more. By this age of life, they can hold things and actually play with them, so choosing cause and effect toys would be great. Although rattle toys can still be quite fun for them when in the shop kids toys with batteries are the main types you should focus on. Usually, these toys can play only music or include some fun activities and movements with the push of a button which can be extremely interesting and fun for kids of that age. Stacking and putting toys in and out of a container is also an appropriate activity for the age, so choosing toys of this kind is also an option.

1 to 3 Years

Since kids at this age are full of energy and are never tired, choosing toys that require physical activity should be the first choice. Pulling, pushing, knocking, emptying and filling are the things these toys should include, and the ideal one for the age are ride-on toys, building blocks of all sizes, puzzles, construction toys etc. Except for keeping them occupied and making them tired (chuckles) such toys are taken as mind-developing. Except for this, such toys are great for improving children’s fine motor skills, making them a win-win combo.

3 – 5 Years

Preschoolers love the idea of playing some challenging and imaginary games, so the use of such toys would be perfect. When in the shop kids toys like pretend play sets and simple board games are the types one should look at. Construction toys, educational toys like books, science, shape sorters, technology and stalking toys are just some other types to choose from.

5 – 8 Years

Kids of this age are all about exploring, inventing and creating, so choosing toys like play-doh, finger paints and crayons would be great. Legos, puzzles and dolls, superhero/princesses figures are also an option as this is still the age when they love pretend-play games which can help them develop their language and social skills.

10+ Years

At this age, kids love playing fast-paced games, silly party games like Jenga and monopoly, but they also love playing some musical instruments. Problem-solving games like tower building or block duplicating are just another way to keep kids at this age occupied and happy.